An Introduction

This is the introductory post of my gaming blog which will have a strong focus on Blizzard’s Hearthstone. While my name is Jeff, gaming people tend to go by an alias. So, I will now refer to myself as GreenRanger. Also my Blizzard tag, which was conceived when I was enamored with a Primus song of the same name. This is also my return to blogging over a longish absence.


I’ve played Hearthstone since closed beta around, Thanksgiving time in 2013. My card game background is Yugi-Oh, which I played last in high school. I’ve enjoyed Hearthstone to a great extent, playing it almost every day since I started.

Are you any good?

I might be better than the overall average player, but I am not that good. My highest ranked mode rank is 10. I typically end a season around 12 or 11. I am a little better in the arena (~5 win avg), and I have gotten to 12 wins 3 times there.

Favorite class

I like to say I specialize in Rogue. I disproportionately use the class and enjoy its play style more than the others. The only golden hero (500 ranked wins) is Rogue, which is not even close with the other classes. It is also my best arena class. I played Miracle Rogue a fair amount before that got nerfed to the ground. Some other decks I liked a lot along the way are the Fast/Cycle Rogue and LiveHigh’s Malygos Rogue.


I tend to dislike aggro decks, but now I am being forced to play Pirate Rogue, so I am starting to turn around. I am more likely to trade minions for tempo than hit face. I am hitting face more than I used to though. I am beginning to not hate Rexxar that much since Riddler Paladins started to take over since TGT.

I enjoy the Arena much more than Ranked play since you get to play with more cards. The pigeonholing of certain meta decks and cards is stale to me.

I admittedly dislike BM, and really wonders what compels a possibly normal person on the other side to do so. Maybe I want to believe that not all gamers are degenerates, but playing Hearthstone will sometimes make you think otherwise.


I hope to provide some cool screenshots here and there and provide some informative posts as well. Some posts will go through Arena drafts and runs. Other posts may just be commentary or off-topic threads. Not sure what direction I will go, but I hope to have fun and share a bit about a game I enjoy much.


Well, I hope to put up some real content in the future. As Valeera says, “Here we go.”


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