Warlock Arena Run (9/8/15)

Below is the first of hopefully many arena run walkthroughs.
I went into this run picking Warlock, a slightly below-average class for me, but a class I can play a little.
Draft (Heartharena Scores)
  1. Bloodsail Corsair (34); Mana Wraith (30); Dragon Egg (22)
    • All bad picks, but the Bloodsail Corsair can destroy a weapon and is a 1 drop. Dragon Egg does nothing to the board, and needs an activator, which is not guaranteed.
  2. Maiden of the Lake (47); Silverback Patriarch (24); Summoning Portal (14)
    • Maiden of the Lake is an easy pick here, the 2/6 body on 4-drop is actually decent. Nice ability for the Warlock with the 1-cost draw.
  3. Fearsome Doomguard (61); Sen’jin Shieldmasta (76); Floating Watcher (67)
    • All decent picks but the Sen’jin Shieldmasta has the most value.
  4. Summoning Portal (16); Acolyte of Pain (47); Stonetusk Boar (43)
    • Card draw isn’t needed for Warlock, but Acolyte of Pain is better than the other 2.
  5. Lance Carrier (51); Gnomish Inventor (51); Ironforge Rifleman (39)
    • The Lance Carrier provides a boost for other minions. Have enough four-drops for now.
  6. Darkbomb (69); Flesheating Ghoul (56); Power Overwhelming (64)
    • Removals are a premium so Darkbomb is needed. The Dragon Egg not being picked looks bad now, the last 2 picks provided a boost option.
  7. Flying Machine (13); Sacrificial Pact (0); Voidcaller (64)
    • Slam dunk pick here. Now my game plan shifts to picking big fat demons.
  8. Explosive Sheep (31); Burly Rockjaw Trogg (58); Demonfuse (17)
    • We have a ton of four drops now, but the Trogg is the best pick.
  9. Frostwolf Grunt (47); Lance Carrier (46); Volcanic Drake (52)
    • Volcanic Drake is the first big drop here. Need 2 drops, but they are not good enough to pick.
  10. Dark Bargain (93); Doomsayer (44); Garrison Commander (73)
    • I really need 2’s still, but Dark Bargain is too good to pass up. 2 big removal potential.
  11. Sunfury Protector (80); Void Crusher (38); Injured Blademaster (62)
    • Sunfury Protector gives us the 2 drop we need. Passing up on a demon, but it is not good enough to pick.
  12. Core Hound (26); Leper Gnome (48); Magma Rager (19)
    • Trifecta of bad to subpar classic picks. The one drop is the best here.
  13. Mortal Coil (74); Goldshire Footman (33); Dragonkin Sorcerer (49)
    • Have enough 4-drops and the Footman is pretty bad. Mortal Coil is a solid card for early removal and card advantage.
  14. Cogmaster (34); Kobold Geomancer (48); Hungry Dragon (64)
    • We have 2 removal spells for Kobold, but Hungry Dragon has the most value.
  15. Flame Juggler (89); Ancient Brewmaster (42); Summoning Portal (11)
    • Flame Juggler gives us the great 2-drop we need and has that snipe ping.
  16. Refreshment Vendor (55); Silver Hand Knight (73); Clockwork Knight (57)
    • Halfway into the draft and there are barely any 3 or 5 drops. Silver Hand Knight comes in as one of the best neutral 5-drops around.
  17. Silvermoon Guardian (44); Mad Bomber (85); Salty Dog (40)
    • Another easy decision, as the bomber gives us a good 2-drop.
  18. Recruiter (46); Junkbot (4); Bane of Doom (89)
    • Second epic selection and it is an easy pick. Bane of Doom provides tempo with potential to swing the game with a free big demon. Recruiter gives you a 1-cost 2/2 each inspire, but is a little slow.
  19. Hungry Dragon (65); Worgen Infiltrator (78); Imp Gang Boss (120)
    • Imp Gang Boss is one of the best 3-drops around. It also provides a 3, and finally a demon synergy.
  20. Violet Teacher (73); Azure Drake (76); Grim Patron (21)
    • Tough call here. The spell power boost for the removal spells gives and edge over the Violet Teacher.
  21. Darkscale Healer (67); Succubus (60); Lord of the Arena (60)
    • I want more demons, and do not necessarily need the 5 or 6 here.
  22. Razorfen Hunter (78); Darkbomb (71); Spectral Knight (71)
    • Don’t have enough 3-drops, but taking another removal, since they are premium.
  23. Flying Machine (18); Clockwork Gnome (61); Thrallmar Farseer (19)
    • Skipping 2 3-drops again in favor of a decent 1.
  24. Silvermoon (42); Floating Watcher (89); Cogmaster (34)
    • Floating Watcher is not really a 5-drop and is heavier. Can provide great tempo with a timely Voidcaller drop.
  25. Acolyte of Pain (45); Silvermoon Guardian (42); Jungle Panther (86)
    • I’m not a huge fan of the panther, but it helps fill out the curve.
  26. Silver Hand Knight (72); Tinkertown Technician (55); Voodoo Doctor (57)
    • Not enough mechs for Tinkertown Technician.
  27. Soulfire (86); Sense Demons (37); Fearsome Doomguard (74)
    • Skipping the value removal pick since there are more than enough removals so far. Picking likely the biggest body of the deck.
  28. Priestess of Elune (33); Magma Rager (20); Hungry Dragon (58)
    • Hungry Dragon is the clear pick here, having more value than anything else.
  29. Sacrificial Pact (-2); Grimscale Oracle (4); Blood Imp (61)
    • Blood Imp dilutes the Voidcaller drop but provides some value.
  30. Saboteur (85); Imp-losion (114); Angry Chicken (6)
    • Saboteur is great, but Imp-plosion provides a ton of value. The deck has plenty of removals and seems like a control deck.
Deck Analysis
The curve is biomodal, centered on 2 and 4. There are 9 1-2 drops here, giving more than enough early game. Very few 3-drops. 6 serviceable 4-drops, and a few big guys. Again, the plethora of removal here works great. No AOE spells like Hellfire or  Shadowflame, but Dark Bargain can remove 2 big threats right away.
Will mulligan hard for 1-2 drops, Darkbombs and other early removals. Voidcaller can be a decent pick in the hand if I have the coin. I expect to get hit in the face more because I am a Warlock.
  1. Shaman; 1st; Result: 0-1 – This game went into turn 11 and became a real slobberknocker topdeck fest. I flooded the board and had my opponent down to 2 health but lost to a topdeck Lightning Bolt. 1 Life Tap cost me the game there.
  2. Priest; 1st; Result: 1-1 – Not much to say here. It was a longish game, but I took control of the board and never fell behind after.
  3. Paladin; Coin; Result: 2-1 – Interesting game where the Paladin played 3 secrets. Luckily I did not have to face a Mysterious Challenger. I pushed out a ton of value with my Bane of Doom summoned Illidan. Dark Bargain also took out 10 mana worth of minions.
  4. Priest; 1st; Result: 3-1 – This game lasted 3 minutes and about 6-7 turns. I basically aggro-controlled my way to victory here.
  5. Warlock; 1st; Result: 3-2 – Mirror match where I played a Warlock who played straight tempo and beat me in 9 turns. My opponent somehow played around Dark Bargain, but putting in a scrub (Injured Kvaldir) to take the blow for one of 2 big guys.
  6. Mage; Coin; Result: 4-2 – Mage coin matchups are typically a bane (48% win rate), but I can say I won this game due to card advantage. My Acolyte of Pain drew me cards, my opponent got a Naturalize. Dark Bargain came up again and cleared 8 mana worth of minions and I flooded the board.
  7. Warlock; 1st; Result: 5-2 – Basically my opponent played face until it was too late, and I took the board and won the game.
  8. Druid; 1st; Result: 5-3 – I somehow lasted 9 turns after staring down a turn 1 Savage Combatant. 2 Ironbark Protectors at the end sealed the deal though.
Somehow I lasted till turn 9.
Somehow I lasted till turn 9.

Overall a very average run for me, but one that I had fun with because of cards like Dark Bargain.


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