Rogue Arena

My overall average is 4.93 wins now due to a TGT slump. The Rogue is my best class, with 5.59 wins. I will always pick Rogue when it’s available.


  1. Twilight Guardian (48), Sabotage (80), Cogmaster’s Wrench (20)
    1. Sabotage doesn’t have a place in constructed but it is a great arena removal. The other two cards here are more niche.
  2. Deadly Poison (68), Ice Rager (44), Lord of the Arena (54)
    1. Deadly Poison is not as good as it was, but still has more value than the minions available in this pick.
  3. Buccaneer (71), River Crocolisk (53), Assassinate (77)
    1. Buccaneer is great, but the hard removal is superior here. Hoping I get another Buccaneer pick down the line.
  4. Blade Flurry (69), Iron Sensei (36), Sludge Belcher (85)
    1. I love Blade Flurry, but the Belcher is too good to pass up here.
  5. Shadowstep (14), Silvermoon Guardian (47), Bluegill Warrior (50)
    1. Bluegill is more a Backstab than a true 2-drop, but it will do here.
  6. Antique Healbot (52), Eviscerate (79), Shiv (56)
    1. A Rogue deck without Eviscerate is not right. With the reduced rates, it is a must-pick. Interestingly this deck has decent removal so far.
  7. Micro Machine (55), Harvest Golem (71), Volcanic Drake (52)
    1. Harvest Golem easily fits the role of solid minion/we need minions.
  8. Buccaneer (74), Dancing Swords (33), Spiteful Smith (63)
    1. The TGT Pirate is back for more and I’m not passing up on this great card this time.
  9. Haunted Creeper (76), Cold Blood (44), Shadowstep (13)
    1. True 2-drop has more value than a reach spell and bad spell.
  10. Crazed Alchemist (50), Argent Commander (76), Master Jouster (71)
    1. Tough choice between 2 6-drops. My deck is leaning light right now, so I might not win as many jousts as I would like. This pick could be a crucial swing.
  11. Ancient Brewmaster (49), Tournament Attendee (46), Sprint (64)
    1. Sprint is not mandatory in the Arena, but it has more value than the minions here. Will win you a topdeck fight.
  12. Drakonid Crusher (75), Raging Worgen (55), Tournament Attendee (46)
    1. The Crusher is a big drop that usually doesn’t feel real clunky and forces you to play a little more aggressively to push for the 15 health.
  13. Annoy-o-Tron (60), Shadowstep (15), Assassinate (72)
    1. Too many Shadowsteps! Going for the 3rd hard removal in this deck. We seriously need minions going forward.
  14. Goblin Auto-Barber (84), Sprint (20), Cold Blood (42)
    1. The Barber provides a solid 3-4 drop and is great for establishing a board.
  15. Eviscerate (79), Elven Archer (56), Pit Fighter (74)
    1. This is getting ridiculous the number of removals I will now have. Pit Fighter is much needed, but the 4-drops are more important at this point.
  16. Cogmaster (48), Stormwind Champion (75), Cult Master (74)
    1. We need 4-drops, but the Cult Master is more a draw engine than a true 4.
  17. Shattered Sun Cleric (74), Gang Up (-1), Sprint (16)
    1. Filling up the 3-4 drop hole with one of the better 3-drops.
  18. Stormwind Champion (60), Loot Hoarder (65), Nightblade (34)
    1. Safer to pick more 2-drops than big drops. Nightblade is just bad and not worth picking for the middle-range minions.
  19. Evil Heckler (79), Mukla’s Champion (47), Thrallmar Farseer (11)
    1. I enjoy Mukla’s Champion, but the Heckler is much needed to cover the 3-4 drop hole.
  20. Pint-Sized Summoner (54), One-Eyed Cheat (30), Master Swordsmith (22)
    1. I am going to deviate a bit from Heartharena and pick the One-Eyed Cheat. The 4 attack is good to nullify any 3 drop and if they waste mana to ping, so be it. Nothing really blows me away to not pick it.
  21. Sap (77), Mukla’s Champion (49), Gang Up (-3)
    1. I will pass on Mukla’s Champion again for the temporary removal here. Inspire isn’t great for Rogue and the 5-drop isn’t a 4-drop.
  22. Gadgetezan Jouster (63), Sap (57), Wolfrider (53)
    1. The goblin here is favored because I have so few minions, and they seem to be on the heavy side. I seriously need the remaining 4-drops.
  23. Pit Fighter (73), Assassinate (51), Silver Hand Knight (69)
    1. I’d take both 5-drop minions here, but the Pit Fighter is more valuable.
  24. Antique Healbot (40), Stormpike Commando (51), Backstab (87)
    1. A great, core spell is better than 2 mediocre minions but we really need 3 and 4 drops.
  25. Salty Dog (44), Ice Rager (51), Windfury Harpy (14)
    1. Picking Ice Rager solely because it is a 3-drop.
  26. Mogu’shan Warden (42), Frostwolf Grunt (40), Undercity Valiant (89)
    1. Unfortunately Mogu’shan Warden is barely a 4-drop, while Undercity Valiant is a good 2-drop. The weird mana curve continues.
  27. Wolfrider (54), Ogre Brute (73), Shiv (48)
    1. Easy pick for Ogre Brute here.
  28. Silverback Patriarch (18), Gilblin Stalker (79), Razorfen Hunter (59)
    1. The Gilblin has the most value and is stacking up the 2-drops in this deck.
  29. Dark Iron Dwarf (100), Spiteful Smith (66), Refreshment Vendor (60)
    1. A premium 4-drop finally appears.
  30. One-Eyed Cheat (37), Arcane Nullifier X-21 (58), Fencing Coach (44)
    1. Not the 4-drop you want, but it will suffice for this weird deck.

Deck Analysis

9 1-2 minions and 9 spells means not a whole lot of medium or big minions (3 onwards). Because I have 4 hard removals, I would be more likely to use them more generously, to make sure my small minions survive and go aggro. This deck also has 3 taunts, which can further protect my small minions.


Aggro-control Rogue is a lot like a constructed Rogue, but with a bunch of 2-drops. I will mulligan for the 1’s and 2’s. It might be good idea to hold on to Eviscerate to deal with annoying things like Murloc Knight. I might be liberal in using my hard removals since I have 4 of them. I am at a disadvantage in the late game, but I do have a bit of reach to win a close game. I’ve recently had trouble with Hunters, and they have become my 2nd most-lost-against class so far. I have a disgusting 23% win rate against Hunters in the TGT era. I am not sure what this aggro-control deck will mean with my weakness against Hunter.


  1. Mage, Coin, Result: 1-0 – A longish game (9 mins) that featured a lot of trading and removals. It was over when I finally wrested control of the board.
  2. Mage, Coin, Result: 2-0 – A somewhat aggressive Mage that ran out of steam before I did.
  3. Mage, 1st, Result: 3-0 – It’s depressing when you face 3 Mages in a row. This guy Fireballed me in the face for some reason and I played a Pit Fighter the next turn. I also took out a Baron Geddon after a turn, so plus points there. Overall, an easy game.
  4. Paladin, 1st, Result: 4-0 – Not an easy game as I faced 2 Shielded Minibots right away. My Gadgetzan Jouster decided to show up for the first time and lost me the first joust of all my jousts in this run. I wrested control after falling behind and won by bursting my opponent down 24 points with the help of Stormwind Champion, Argent Commander, and others.
  5. Mage, 1st, Result: 5-0 – A true fight for the ages. 16 turns and 12 minutes.  I wound up using every single removal in the deck and had about 4 cards left at the end. One of the most satisfying game in weeks. I also killed a Hogger.
  6. Paladin, Coin, Result: 5-1 – The beginning of the end. Though it was 12 turns, it was never even close, as I was unable to take control of the board the entire game. In a game like this, I wish I had a Fan of Knives or Blade Flurry over an Assassinate. I also followed so many rules from Aldor Peacekeeper, I felt I was in Hogwarts.
  7. Mage, 1st, Result: 6-1 – If there’s any satisfaction from this run, I beat every Mage I faced. A quick game I won thanks to Drakonid Crusher.
  8. Druid, 1st, Result: 6-2 – This was an interesting game. I left a One-Eyed Cheat hidden from Turns 3-10. In watching the replay, my opponent kept a Savage Combatant unplayed until my pirate got killed. The Savage Combatant was a bit responsible for my undoing. A test in patience that I ultimately failed.
  9. Shaman, 1st, Result: 6-3 – A lackluster game where I got bursted by big minions and ran out of cards
This 4 face damage may have cost me the game.
This 4 face damage may have cost me the game.


  • 6-3 is a little above-average, but I really had high hopes for this deck. Thinking 8 maybe?
  • Ice Rager and One-Eyed Cheat are better than I ever gave them credit for.
  • 5-0 against the Mage, 2-3 against everyone else.
  • I went face more often in this round because I had an aggro deck. I don’t think it really cost me any games, so I am learning.
  • Having a quick trigger for removal on 4-drops paid off in some games. In games against more aggro, they clogged up my hand.
  • I lost at least 2 games due to a card disadvantage. I only used my Sprint once or twice.
  • I lost every single joust!

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