Medium Knight of Evil

The discard mechanic just doesn’t work in Hearthstone. With virtually no interaction with the “card graveyard” and a hard limit on 30 cards per deck, it a mechanic that only serves as a downside. The Tiny Knight of Evil virtually has no way to be all too useful for constructed play.


In the image above from Tavern Brawl, I got 2 discards off the Doomguard. Let’s run through the cards that provide discards.

  1. Soulfire – discard 1
  2. Succubus – discard 1
  3. Doomguard – discard 2
  4. Dark Bargain – discard 2

So let’s say you slot in 2 each in your deck. That would be 12 maximum discards (granted you don’t discard these cards in your hand). The Tiny Knight of Evil can be at best a 15/14 with 10 discards. Not worth discarding over 1/3 of your deck for just a 12/12 boost to one minion.


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