Elements of Hearthstone RNG: Shaman/Range

Thrall lives and dies by the elements, but when he calls for a totem, it could be 1 of 4 characters. That in itself makes the Shaman the most random class in Hearthstone. The Shaman also specializes in cards that a provide a range, what I call “Shaman RNG.”

Did the 4 dead guys take 5 or 6 damage? We will never know.
Did the 4 dead guys take 5 or 6 damage? We will never know.


Lightning Storm/Elemental Destruction – The Shaman board clears go 2-3 damage or 4-5 damage, only proving a slim range in damages. To maximize the damage, try to get a Wrath of Air Totem out. Weaken bigger minions that don’t immediately dies from these spells. Play around these cards by having good-sized minions. You usually play around Lightning Storm (since it is more seen) by making sure all the minions on your board have more than 2 health. Having 3 health minions would put your minions at a 50% chance of dying. Having minions that are 4 or bigger will prevent any minions from dying off. Nobody really plays around Elemental Destruction, but maybe you can get a read off your opponent in the arena, as if they are going to play a Flamestrike.

Random Attack Points

Fireguard Destroyer – This card has a unique effect that no other has at the moment. For a cost of 5, you will get something between a 4/6 minion to a 7/6 minion. That makes a 25% chance of getting a 4/6, 5/6, 6/6, or 7/6. Basically, you have a 25% chance to get something that costs less than 5, a 25% chance to get something that costs exactly 5 (Pit Fighter), and a 50% chance to get something that is worth more than 5.

Single-Target Damage

Dr. Boom – As mentioned in the previous RNG post on pings, the Dr. has two types of RNG. Each Boom Bot hits a random character for 1-4 damage. The flying bombs will range from 2-8 damage combined. The most likely chance is 5 damage (33%), followed  by 4 and 6 (25%), 3 and 7 (12.5%) and 1 and 8 (6.25%). Ah, so that’s what those War Golem buff people are all meaning.

Imp-losion – This card hits one minion for 2-4 damage. Hitting for 2 will summon 2 1/1s, which is about 3 mana’s worth. Hitting for 3 will summon 3 1/1s, which is about 3.5 mana’s worth. Hitting for 4 will summon 4 1/1s, which is about 5 mana’s worth. There is a bit of swing here in terms of mana worth, with the 4 damage outcome being a great savings. It is boosted by spellpower, so that is a great combination to have for the arena, or some weird Malygos Warlock.

Crackle – With a 3 damage range affixed to a single-target spell, Crackle is the most RNG card of all these cards. 2 + 1 is basically a cost of 3. At 3 damage, you are only getting 2 mana’s worth. At 6, you are getting a Fireball, which is a spell that costs 4. When using Crackle, it’s best to hit a minion with health that gives you at least a 50% chance of killing it. Not a good idea to use it on a 6-health minion, since that gives you only the 25% chance for removal. Of course you can get screwed by 25% chance you get a weak shot. Again, this is boosted by the spellpower totem, which would ramp the damage to 3-7. Crackle’s RNG is more evident than that of other cards, since it can also go face.


  • The only way to take advantage Shaman RNG is to have spellpower. Dr. Boom and Fireguard Destroyer are at the whole mercy of randomness.
  • There isn’t much you can do here. Which puts Crackle in the group of one of the most frustrating cards ever, or one of the most miraculous ones.

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