State of the Game

Scene from a typical Hearthstone forum.  Property of the WoW Comic and Blizzard.
Scene from a typical Hearthstone forum.
Property of the WoW Comic and Blizzard.

There has been a lot negativity recently on message boards (mainly Reddit) addressing the unpleasant state of the game. It can be well summarized here by Trolden. Disguised Toast even took a break from creating HS content!

As someone who plays Arena significantly more than Ranked, I can say I haven’t felt the angst as much as someone who is struggling in Ranked. I can say that I abhor facing Paladins now, in both formats.

It’s easy to understand everyone’s frustration over the balancing changes by Blizzard. The nerf of Patron Warrior obviously angered those who relied on that deck as the main source of laddering or simply enjoyed it. This is not the first time a nerf of a combo-archetype has resulted in a card’s demise (see Starving Buzzard, Gadgetzan Auctioneer). To make things worse, the Secret Paladin has taken over the meta, thus making everything unenjoyable with a woefully overpowered card.

Besides the usual sprinkled-in threads of regular gaming complaints (RNG, Pay-2-win), this front of discontent seems more united this time around, with famous Hearthstone figures speaking out. Has anyone else felt the same way about the game? Is it just plain restlessness from having no new content for a few months?


2 thoughts on “State of the Game

  1. I haven’t had too many complaints, although it’s been hard to accumulate legendaries across all the sets for me nowadays since I try to stay free-2-play for the last couple months. I think Secret Paladin is certainly annoying, but I think there is also discontent because TGT was suppose to move Rogue and Shaman and Priest back into competitive play. Priest got help, but the others haven’t really found something consistent. Also, warrior is now back to control only variants, and the mainstay Hunter and Druid are pretty similar. Giving each hero some new archetypes while bolstering the near useless (competitively) classes would really help.


    1. Yeah Shaman is truly unfortunate. The upgrades looked so good on paper, but didn’t pan out in reality. As a Rogue player, I didn’t like being pigeonholed into Aggro, but it’s the only way to get by in some ranks. Agree much with Priest, Dragon Priest completely changed the class to finally being able to be proactive.

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