First Impression of The League of Explorers

So BlizzCon happened today, and excitement was piqued on all things Blizzard. While there is exciting news about everything, I will talk about my first impression on the new Hearthstone adventure, The League of Explorers. I will not go into every single card at the moment, but will gloss over some things that strike me right away.

  • The game got more complicated.
    • You can tell that Blizzard did take some feedback before making these cards, and there was some criticism that the game too simple and tailoring itself for casual players. Enter the Discover mechanic, which basically gives you an Arena pick right in the middle of your turn. If you hate slow-playing players, too bad. This Discover mechanic could possibly give one a huge swing right off the bat. Sometimes you will get a bad draw of three putrid cards, but more often than not, there will be a lot of thinking about what to take.
  • There is more RNG.
    • Like I said, Discover is just like an Arena pick. However, the range of RNG really depends on the card. Gorillabot A-3 limits the pick to only Mechs. While the 1-cost Druid spell Raven Idol will let you pick any minion or any spell. More often than not, you will find something good that you’re getting for 1-mana. Discover does seem to be a viable mechanic that is useful in both Arena and Constructed.
  • More Miracles
    • There are some really powerful cards that require excavating your deck to bring out. Elise Starseeker gives you a possible win condition, by turning your entire deck into legendaries. Entomb is what Kidnapper should be, but allows you to steal and big threat off the board. Forgotten Torch gives you an extra Fireball.
  • ArenaWarriorsSaved?
    • Warriors got some help with 2 good common cards. Obsidian Destroyer is really a workable Hogger, while Fierce Monkey, while a banal card, is solid. Essentially, you get a better War Golem and Spider Tank for the Warrior. Plus they get boosts from Bolster. Could Bolster work?
  • Murlocs Got Dangerous
    • There are 2 new win-more cards for Shaman and Paladin. The Shaman Card Everyfin is Awesome is quite dangerous. You just need 2 Murlocs on the board to combo it with Bloodlust on turn 10 or after. Of course, you might not even need to run Bloodlust if you are playing fast, but it could be a big deal. The Paladin card Anyfin Can Happen is not very good as a 10-cost card, as you can’t even inspire that turn.

Overall, I like the new set at first glance. Of course, I have to start earning some gold to get this, which is another point. Blizzard really wants people to spend money on it, given the one week notice! I had only 595 gold!


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