On the HearthArena Fallout

Anyone who pays attention to the latest Hearthstone news will know that top arena players ADWCTA and Merps have left HearthArena, the popular Hearthstone Arena drafting tool. In lieu of posting the actual posts put up on Reddit regarding the split, here is a link explaining what happened to those not in the know. Alternatively, this video may or may bring the point forward.

As a mostly arena player, I have used HearthArena for drafting since last December. I can say it really helped optimize my arena picks, and clearly delineates a good card from a bad card.

I come at this with an angle of emotional investment for ADWCTA and Merps solely because they taught me a lot about playing arena. The Lightforge Podcasts are very informational, and their stream is the only one I have ever watched on a weekly basis. I don’t think I would have heard of HearthArena without some posts by them on forums. With that said, I will not be using HearthArena for my arena drafts for the foreseeable future.

This provides me with an interesting experiment of sorts. With about 11 months of play with HearthArena, I tracked 193 total arenas, registering me a 4.99 win average (fell right off 5!).

Now I’ll be using spreadsheets to track my post-HearthArena progress. If anything, I will develop my own drafting style in the arena, while still being able to pick a bad card from a good card. Is it possible I could be a better arena player without HearthArena.


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