Things I’m Thankful for in Hearthstone

I know, I know, the title of this post is cheesy as all heck, but I am somewhat spent and just ready for a few days of not working. In elementary school, they made us do assignments for holidays to know the relevance of them, and much is the same for American Thanksgiving. While making hand turkeys out of yellow/brown/orange/red construction paper did not teach me of the etiology of smallpox transmission vectors across American Indians, we were told to give thanks on Thanksgiving. Here’s what I’m currently thankful for in Hearthstone.

  1. New Meta – The LoE expansion did a lot to refresh the ranked meta. The meta was so unenjoyable that I became an exclusively arena player for a few months. I’m glad to be facing Trogg Shamans, Reliquary Warlocks, Raptor Rogues, Reno Jacksons, etc. The good thing is that only half of the expansion is out, so there are plenty of new decks bound to come up in the coming weeks.
  2. Tavern Brawls – It’s clear that Casual Mode is abused and serves no real purpose besides testing out a deck you don’t want to take to ranked. Tavern Brawls not only give you something else to do, but for me they help me clear daily quests. I don’t play all classes equally, and my 9 decks (more decks please) usually consist of a Warlock, Priest, Shaman, and 6 Rogues. So a premade deck in a Tavern Brawl gives me a chance to clear 60 gold on a class I never play.
  3. The HS Arena Community – I enjoy the arena a lot and am thankful that an arena community actually exists. There are streams, articles, podcasts solely about the arena. While this is a small minority of the overall Hearthstone community, they are really dedicated in fostering what is IMO the best aspect of Hearthstone.
  4. eSports – While I enjoy regular sports (baseball, football) very much, there was no way I could’ve been a professional athlete. The biggest factor is that I’m 5’4″. While eSports is still trying to make it, it seems as if it is starting to get somewhere in America.  It would be a pretty good gig to make a living playing video games. Hearthstone has been instrumental in helping eSports becoming bigger, with the creation of content, teams, tournaments, etc.
  5. Reno Jackson – The feeling when you play Reno Jackson against a face deck.
UM5MOIL - Imgur
I never realized all the guns were censored when I was kid.


2 thoughts on “Things I’m Thankful for in Hearthstone

  1. Bruh I will face you all day 😛 FACE HUNTARD hehe

    Actually I just like Aggro in general. *goes to tinker with his Pally Mech Deck*


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