Leggo my Aggro Arena Rogue (10.4.15)

My post-Heartharena arena stats have been bizarre. My 7 runs playing a non-Rogue class landed a subpar 2-4 wins. My 2 Rogue runs have went 8 and 12. My Rogue Arena play has been as good as ever, and I just suck at every other class. Now that I paid for the remainder of LoE, I can comfortably play arena again and earn some gold.


  1. Light’s Champion – Easy pick here, as the 3 mana for 4/3 is solid, over 2 bad cards. If I wind up silencing a Voidcaller or Imp Gang Boss, it is extra.
  2. Azure Drake – Despite being a neutral dragon, Azure Drake is a signature Rogue card in constructed. Just a great card.
  3. Backstab – I haven’t played a Pit Snake yet, but Backstab is too good to pass on.
  4. Goblin Auto-Barber – Easy pick, the GAB is one of the best 2-drops.
  5. Undercity Valiant – Got another premium 2-drop in Undercity Valiant.
  6. Worgen Infiltrator – At this pick, I could have gone big or small. It seemed my overall direction swung towards small with the Worgen. Frostwolf Warlord could sometimes be big, but is situational.
  7. Sap – I have mentioned before that I’m not the biggest fan of Sap. But it is worth picking over Tomb Spider. It is good insurance if I don’t get an Assassinate.
  8. Anub’ar Ambusher – Retrospectively, the Gorillabot could have had value, but I didn’t know at the time. Anub’ar is overstated, but does not have a really good effect at all.
  9. Assassinate – Annoy-o-Tron is decent, but can’t pass up on large removal.
  10. Burgle – Ancient Shade is a good aggro pick, but I went with the RNG card cycling of Burgle. My constant topdecking in the arena has made me think of card advantage more.
  11. Mechwarper – This pick could have gone either way. With my intention to go small, I instinctively went with Mechwarper. The Drakonid Crusher would’ve provided me a win condition, but I passed.
  12. Raging Worgen – The Worgen is a better pick here, but of course I did not see myself picking too many mechs at the time.
  13. Assassinate – I like discover cards, but I feel safe getting a second big removal.
  14. Argent Squire – The Squire is a really solid card, better than the options provided.
  15. Stranglehorn TIger – At the midpoint, the Tiger is the best pick over the smaller options. It could potentially be my win condition if I draft real aggro.
  16. Pit Snake – Despite being small, Pit Snake is the value pick here. Had I been concerned with my lack of 4’s and overall heft, I would have gone Hungry Dragon.
  17. Mechanical Yeti – Addressing my lack of solid 4-drops and heft. ALso Mechanical Yeti gives spare parts, which help Rogue combos.
  18. Lost Tallstrider – Elven Archer probably has more value, but again addressing my lack of 4-drops.
  19. Fan of Knives – Despite it’s seemingly underwhelming effect, FoK is probably my favorite spell in the game. The ability to clear Silver Hand Knights, Imps, Leper Gnomes, etc and to draw a card is clutch.
  20. Unearthed Raptor – I don’t have a ton of deathrattles at the moment, but the Raptor has the best stats for the cost.
  21. Undercity Valiant – With my commitment of going small, I would love another Undercity Valiant.
  22. Haunted Creeper – There are advantages to Haunted Creeper and Annoy-o-Tron. I went with the spider because of my Raptor, and it is a better board control card.
  23. Bloodsail Raider – The best I could do so far is make a 4/3 Bloodsail, but nonetheless is a good 2-drop for Rogues.
  24. Lowly Squire – Probably a mispick here. None of the options are really good. Undertaker sucks without the health boost. Ice Rager sucks, but has value in putting pressure. I decided on Lowly Squire, just because it has a little upside in the early game.
  25. Micro Machine – I felt that I had enough card cycling with Azure Drake, Burgle and Fan of Knives, so went with the aggro card.
  26. Evsicerate – EZ-PZ pick of the best Rogue spell. With this aggro deck, it could be a finisher.
  27. Acolyte of Pain – I took a long time thinking about this, and this could be a mispick. Acolyte helps with card cycling, but not sure if I needed anymore. It doesn’t fit with the aggro deck, given the poor stats. Should have been Ice Rager I think.
  28. Annoy-o-Tron – Solid pick, works with aggro as a stall to protect my minions.
  29. Mechanical Yeti – A bunch of 4-drops to pick, but the Yeti is the best value. And more spare parts to get.
  30. Knife Juggler – All good cards here. MCT is a devastating card, but is situational. I have a ton of 2-drops, and went with the aggro pick. Raptor not a bad decision either, given some deathrattles.


Without a draft assistant, I drafted an absurdly fast deck. While this deck has nothing but small minions, I have some classic Rogue removal tools to help me deal with minions. I have 2 Assassinates and a Sap as well, so there are tools for big guys. Additionally, there is enough card cycling in this deck, which is something I typically lack.My biggest minions are Anub’ar Ambusher and Stranglehorn Tiger, so I have nothing big at all. The longer a game, the more likely I am to lose.


  1. Hunter – Coin – 1-0 – I took the board on Turn 4, and some Mechwarper synergy and Azure Drake spellpower helped me take control.
  2. Shaman – Coin – 1-1 – This was somehow the longest game of the run at 13 turns. I can honestly I got beat by a Healing Totem. A 2/2 Healing Totem. I never had control of the board and my opponent traded nonstop. The game dragged on for a while, and I never had the upper hand.
  3. Paladin – 1st – 2-1 – Pretty quick game that ended by Turn 7. I just had a good Backstab on a 2-drop and a Fan of Knives to squelch Muster for Battle. My small stuff stayed alive, while my opponent had stuff that was too big.
  4. Shaman – Coin – 2-2 – Oh boy, the Shaman struggle continues here. Nobody really had clear control of the board in this game, and there was a lot of stealth. My opponent put out a Ravenholdt Assassin, who subsequently cloaked again on a spare part. I had lethal with some stealth minions of my own, but I did not play around Bloodlust, which cause me to get bursted down with 22 life. An exact lethal!
  5. Paladin – Coin – 2-3 – I typically beat Paladins, but this game was quick and annoying. I never got my Fan of Knives or other removals, and some Paladin stuff happened.
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-04-15 22.06.23.png
I did something right in this run! Stealth minion as fulcrum saved 2 life on my Mechwarper.


  • Fail, but not a too surprising one. Well, my Rogue dominance has come back to earth.
  • I typically get mad at myself for poor gameplay, but this run just featured better opponent play. I didn’t screw up too bad.
  • The limitations of fast decks are evident, and the longer games had me losing.
  • I should really consider drafting at least something with more than 5 health and/or 5 attack.


After this run, I drafted another Rogue arena. The deck makes no sense at all. And has 2 legendaries.


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