December Photostream

It’s 70 degrees on my birthday (which seems to be an almanac record high), and I had some really good pizza and I’m watching some football. Pretty good day so far.

I’m also having a relatively good time playing Hearthstone. LoE was a blast, and the cards awarded have done much to refresh the TGT meta. I’ve done okay in the arena lately and am working my way back to a 5 win average. I haven’t done much Ranked play so far, so not too much annoyance there. Here are some cool screenshots of the past week.

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-10-15 17.43.41
Timepiece of Horror is screenshot gold.
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-10-15 17.44.16
The other artifacts look pretty cool too.
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-11-15 23.47.50
The Wobbling Runts can survive a Twisting Nether for lethal. They can probably survive nuclear warfare as well.
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-12-15 00.36.32
I had a pony!
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-11-15 22.42.08
Make it rain!
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-12-15 00.31.03
This reminds me of the Seal of Orichalcos.
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-12-15 20.07.11
All of the radiation therapy Uther has been getting as given him new powers!

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