I’m Starting to Understand

Blizzard finally decided to offer me Rogue in the Arena and my first run of 2016 had a pretty good draft. The deck was very fast, had a lot of signature Rogue spells and cards. But I only got 4 wins. I immediately decided to play another run, and got 5 wins with a Rogue.

Following these runs, I closed out Hearthstone (without opening my GvG pack), and decided to play something else. But for the first time, probably the first significant time, I understood the anguish over RNG in the game. A lot of “good players” have had these gripes over the game for some time. Some have quit. Others have just accepted things for what they are.

I’ve always been in the accepting group for RNG in Hearthstone, as I feel that playing the percentages to increase your RNG odds would be more good than bad. But yesterday, as I attempted to get back to a 5-win average, I didn’t feel good about it. I didn’t like the RNG.

Flame Jugglers and Huge Toads were sniping my 1-health minions left and right. Arcane Missiles were killing 3-health minions. And then there was this:

Hearthstone Screenshot 01-01-16 22.18.43.png
Not heard: lots of profanity.

The deck had 8 cards that cost 5 or more, a really fast deck. My opening hand/mulligan and subsequent next 3 turns got 5 of them. I had nothing to do for 4 turns. All of the 2-drops came at the end and were useless by then. While bad draws are a function in any card game, this was the worst of the worst. Besides 1 big misplay in the second run, I didn’t really notice anything else. The RNG floodgates cost me too many games.

Of course, my mediocre runs couldn’t all be blamed on RNG. The Hearthstone arena is seemingly at its high point, with more skilled players playing more than ever. Players are drafting better decks, and making better decisions in the game. But for the first time maybe, I noticed the inches that I gave away, and the ultimate outcome of it.


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