An Exercise in Reporting Bad People

Yesterday I beat this Dragon Priest deck in Rank 16 with an aggro Mech Rogue deck. I won with some kind of burst attack with Cold Blood and Tinker’s Oil. Then, the magic toast,

A recent opponent would like to be your friend!

The day before in my 12-win run, I was friended by 2 people who were actually not pissed off, so I was feeling alright. The following exchange wasn’t a roach boy talk, or something crazy, but a quick exchange that violated the “official policies.” I wasn’t particularly affected by the exchange because I did not meet the racial requirements of the insult, but I wanted to teach em a lesson. What’s better than getting someone suspended from playing Blizzard games for a few days!

Most people online say something like, “grow thicker skin” or “it’s your fault for accepting their request.” I say, “let’s get this guy suspended for a few days in boredom.”

“For justice!”

Armed with screenshots of the offending dialogue in question, and his battletag, I scoured the internet for a way to report people. This is all I got.

Then I took my efforts to Twitter, where I contacted customer support. Responding within minutes, the lady with customer support said that I had to have the dialogue window open, and that screenshots were invalid. I was also told that I should report them if they were to harass me again.

The problem with this reporting system is that everyone who gets off getting on other people immediately unfriends you. So they’re gone before you can right click their name and hit “report.” Cowards.

The epilogue of this story actually began as I started writing this post. Last night, because I had the offending person’s Battletag, I kept trying to friend them back. Today they accepted  the friend request. At this point, I had the individual in my sights, with the ability to report them. But as I only had screenshots, they were invalid. I just let the whole thing go.

tldr; Blizzard doesn’t really actually have a policy for reporting people who verbally harass you. And in this, we not only have a view of a blatant perversion of human decency, but also, a “government” (Blizzard) that is willing to do little about it.


6 thoughts on “An Exercise in Reporting Bad People

    1. The policy is that screenshots are modifiable, so hence they are not accepted. You’re supposed to have them on your friend list, and right click “Report” while keeping the dialogue window open. Not a great system overall.

      Yeah this is only the 2nd time this has happened in 2 years of playing the game. Most times people remain in my friends list after talking about a good game.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve brought this up as I had the same thing happen and tried to report it. Even finding the process for reporting an incident when you’re playing on a phone or tablet is convoluted, and then the requirement that they are still on your friends list is obviously not going to be met. I didn’t realise that befriend-abuse-defriend was a standard practise and it’s only happened once in my two years of play, but a user friendly response system from the game providers would be a nice development.

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    1. Right on. I know I personally get mad playing Hearthstone, typically when I make obvious misplays. While insults aren’t the worst things in the world, there are children or perhaps people with anger/psychological issues who wouldn’t handle the situation well.

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      1. I’ve found Hearthstone to be one of the easier games to stay chilled in, probably because I only play Arena and in the teen ranks. Shame to break a winning streak because I made a dumb play but it doesn’t really matter. The guy (presumably an early teen male) that went to the effort of adding me to rant and slander was annoyed that I top decked a couple of great counters including a Polymorph for his Tirion Fordring which I guess was the last straw… but sometimes that happens. A deck only has 30 cards after all. It surprised me how strongly some people defended the abuser in forums. Disregarding respect for others completely, it still breaks the Blizzard policy of use. Oh well…

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