Druid Arena Run – Velociraptor Mafia

5 years ago, I was a second semester senior at college. Coasting through the semester, me and some friends decided to play weekly trivia Tuesday nights at a local bar. We were a consistently competitive team, winding up in the top 3 most nights. One of the other competitive teams was a sorority group, named Velociraptor Mafia. When I drafted 4 Mounted Raptors in this arena run, I thought of them.


Arena Druid 1.16.16.png

  • Mostly decent card quality for this run, highlighted by the 4 raptors.¬†Likely faster than a standard Druid arena deck, given the high amount of 1-3 drops.
  • While I do have removals, and card draw cards, there are no synergies in this deck.
  • I still am inexperienced playing Druid in Arena and Constructed.


  • Mage – Coin – 1-0 – Aren’t the first games in an arena run sometimes the most difficult? An 18-turn game here. My board was blown out with a Flamestrike in Turn 13. A Webspinner which dropped from a Raptor was Faceless Manipulated by my opponent, as they were down on cards. My Webspinner wound up giving me a Gahz’rilla, while opponent got a Hungry Crab. My opponent plays Reno Jackson on Turn 17 to heal up, but my boosted Gahz and board were too much. Maybe due to fatigue, my opponent makes a misplay in the end, by playing a minion rather than Fireblasting my Gahz. Oh well.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-16-16 23.53.00.png
Playing around Mirror Entity is easy and makes you feel good.
  • Hunter – 1st – 2-0 – I played a guy named BattleZerg, and it was a bit of an aggro swarm. I had a boosted Scarlet Crusader (4/2) that my opponent was never able to deal with. Things died and my Scarlet kept applying pressure. An opponent Desert Camel brought out enough for a lethal.
  • Mage – Coin – 3-0 – I started with a hand of 3 Raptors, which is a bit much too be honest. But the Raptors did play a big role in giving me things on the board. I simply had minions on the board, while my opponent was left with tech cards and specialty removals.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-17-16 00.03.48.png
Velociraptor Mafia. The 4th one was taking a nap.
  • Warlock – 1st – 3-1 – I used Innervate to get a Mounted Raptor out in Turn 1, but it was countered well by my opponent. It was over when an Imp Gang Boss was out and a Twilight Drake joined in Turn 4. A Jeweled Scarab into Demonwrath cleaned off the board. I tried to stick around the last few turns, but it was clearly over.
  • Mage – Coin – 3-2 – I do the worst against Mages, and this was a straight up Grinder Mage. Flamecannon there, Arcane Explosion and Arcane Missles, 2 Frost Novas here and there. Eventually I got beat by big things like a boosted Ethereal Arcanist, Sea Giant, and Force-Tank Max. Impressive deck that was virtually spells and big things.
  • Paladin – 1st – 3-3 – I was applying pressure most of the game while the board was contested, as evidenced by the 24-8 score by Turn 10. But I was in topdeck mode, while my opponent had a growing board and The Beast. With my opponent at 4 life, I played Raven Idol to attempt to get a spell for damage. I got another Raven Idol. I play it again, and get… Wild Growth. I play Excess Mana, and no extra reach in my deck.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-17-16 00.49.48.png
Possible misplay here.


  • Deck was good, but I still have no idea how to play Druid.
  • Mistakes in playing Druid include not knowing when to play Innervate, mulligan options, etc.
  • The Mounted Raptors were useful but not “amazing.” Definitely worse than Piloted Shredder.
  • Possibly the lack of synergies hurt me in this run.

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