Last night I queued up a Hearthstone Arena (like most nights), and decided to play Shaman. 85 minutes later, I got my 6th Lightforge Key, and the first with a Shaman. Here are some possible explanations about this:

  1. All the pro Hearthstone players were playing Duelyst, leaving a weaker crop of opponents.
  2. I have been virtually devoid of extra Hearthstone thought of late, given the blizzard and watching football. Oh yeah, and playing lots of Diablo 3.
  3. I drafted a good deck, and things went well this run.

Unlike previous Arena recaps, I will try a different format. The deck tracker actually lost the replays of my last 4-5 games, so there is no point in doing that. So instead, I will grade every card I drafted, and how well it did in this particular arena run.

Hearthstone Screenshot 01-24-16 22.22.02.png

Report Card

  • Lightning Bolt – B – This was one of 2 removal spells in the deck, and it did what lightning bolts do, remove small things. Occasionally, the Wrath of the Air Totem provided 4 damage.
  • Abusive Sergeant – B – While the battlecry was triggered a few times in the game, this was my go-to 1-drop, to trigger ping minion. That 1-drop tempo at times is very useful in forcing coin usage.
  • Stormforged Axe – B+ – Typically a great weapon, but in this run, I didn’t draw it too often, or had it in the late game. It did it’s job in the few games I had it, allowing me to clear small stuff.
  • Lava Shock – B+ – Did about the same as the Lightning Bolt, though the removal of overloaded crystal helped 1-2 times this run.
  • Acidic Swamp Ooze – A- – I was able to destroy a poisoned dagger once, and a bunch of Light’s Justices from Paladins. Against non-weapon classes, played a typical 2-drop.
  • Bloodfen Raptor – C+ – I don’t know if this card can ever be amazing outside of Hunter and Druid. But he did his job, trading with things, getting traded by opponents, etc.
  • Flame Juggler – B- – Normally a solid card, but he was a the bad side of RNG consistently in this run. He hit face a lot, when clearing a minion would be better. This won’t stop me from drafting him though.
  • Micro Machine – C+ – Micro Machine is a card people get greedy with. In this run, the card did help me win one game, when it was boosted by a Powermace. Otherwise, it stayed in my hand, or was a good distraction piece.
  • Sunfury Protector – B – This deck doesn’t have a ton of 2-drops, and this was my consistent 2/3 drop, which I prefer. The taunt bonus was used a few times, though mostly played a tempo role. I drew her a lot in this run, giving her a plus.
  • Whirling Zap-o-Matic – B+ – Whirling Zap single-handedly won a game, applying constant pressure to my opponent, and played a big role in another. Otherwise, it was a tempo 2 that got killed right away, or was a distraction.
  • Powermace x2 – A – Just a solid weapon, and the added bonus helped a bunch of my mechs through the run.
  • Hex x2 – A+ – Hex is the best removal in the game, and having 2 was vital to getting 12. I hexed anything that got in the way, from Chillwind Yetis to Force-Tanks.
  • Shattered Sun Cleric – B+ – Shattered Sun provided me a few key boosts, in which the 1-health boost allowed my minions to survived after trading, and trade some  more. Great for totems.
  • Spider Tank – B – Just a steady 3-drop that traded its usual 2-for-1 deal.
  • Dark Iron Dwarf – B+ – I think I only played this guy for tempo once the whole run, so he was otherwise boosting things for trading the whole game.
  • Defender of Argus – A- – The boost helped a lot of minions and totems trade and survive subsequent attacks. Helped stop an aggressive deck once.
  • Fireguard Destroyer – A – Played the role of the beatstick in this game, and I had him in most games for whatever reason. 75% of Fireguard Destroyer outcomes are worth or provide benefit for the cost, so overall great. I don’t recall getting the 4/6 outcome at all, so good RNG.
  • Maiden of the Lake – C – Really didn’t do much in this game, besides sticking around the board. It became a 3/7 taunt with Defender of Argus once. I didn’t abuse the 1-cost totems too much.
  • Rumbling Elemental – A – Bah gawd. This card is overlooked a lot, but one must consider how many battlecry minions there are. This deck had 14. The constant triggers, coupled with good RNG, helped wipe boards consistently of weak minions. I have a whole new appreciation of this card, though it will probably screw me over once in a while.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-25-16 00.20.00.png
Naxx out? Get it, get it?
  • Spellbreaker – A- – Spellbreaker had a key save on a super-aggressive deck, by silencing all the buffs off this 9-attack Argent Horserider, allowing me to come back and win. He also stopped a Sunwalker once, among other fancy things.
  • Thunder Bluff Valiant – C- Normally a very good card, but didn’t do anything in this run. I think I boosted totems once in the entire run. It was more a product of my deck, in which Fire Elementals dominated my late drops. In a loss, he just served as a distraction. Next time bud.
  • Argent Commander – A – I honestly used him to go face a good few times this game, which helps much, given the divine shield.
  • Fire Elemental x4 – A+ – During the draft, I was offered 4 Fire Elementals, and drafted all of them. I was considered I had too many big drops, but I was wrong. This card made up for the lack of removals in the deck, consistently clearing boards and providing a biggish body. Always draft Fire Elemental over any card, with the exception of Hex, if you really really need 1 Hex. Otherwise pick this guy. I probably would have had 6 wins if I didn’t have so many Fire Elementals.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-25-16 00.13.20.png
Yes, I played Fire Elementals for 4 straight turns once.
  • Force-Tank Max – C+ – Often times, this was too big for me to play, but I often paired it with a totem. I did some fancy Powermace buffing with the tank at least 2 times. Just a big threat that did more intimidating than action.
  • Archthief Rafaam – B – The true win condition of the deck, I played Rafaam a total of 3 times the whole run. Once the Mirror of Doom and 3/3 Zombie flood actually helped me win a game. In the other 2 games, Rafaam just served as intimidation, causing people to concede soon after, knowing I had an artifact. Solid legendary pick over Gruul and Bronzebeard.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-25-16 00.21.32.png
Low-gold 12 win award. I did get Epic cards I didn’t have from both packs.


  • Shaman becomes my third best class in the arena, actually having a almost identical percentage as Paladin.
  • I had good RNG, though the Rumbling Elemental + Battlecry setup will let you win the randomness battle more than not.
  • Fire Elementals are money.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-25-16 00.21.05.png
I got a bonus reward for my 12th win!

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