January Shift

January 2016 is just about over and Hearthstone is officially in its lull phase, until the next card expansion comes out in a few months. A number of things have also changes for me regarding the game.

  1. I stopped watching streams – Previously, I only watched 1 streamer(s), though due to time constraints of late, I have dropped watching streams from my everyday computer activities.
  2. More with less – I’m making my way back to a 5 win arena average (4.94). The 2-3 wins are dropping while, some 7+ runs are becoming more common. Paladin and Shaman runs have become risers, becoming my 2nd and 3rd best classes. I have also been playing slightly less Hearthstone, neglecting Ranked/Tavern Brawls more.
  3. Less thinking more doing – I’ve been more comfortable finding my own drafting style nowadays, and I have also been thinking less. While thinking is usually helpful in a game like this, I haven’t been overthinking or doubting myself. In a way, I have been a slightly better “reader” of hands, probably just through experience.
  4. New shift – I’ve started cataloging my arena runs have been cataloged with ArenaMastery, a website, that basically allows me to store my stats from my runs. From the stats provided, I realized that I have been an infinite arena player while going first (75%) and subpar going with the coin (59.6%).  With more data, I will find out if this chasm closes up some more, or this is just small sample size.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-21-16 22.59.00
Dr. 8?
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-30-16 23.32.01
I made an offering to RNGesus before this game.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-29-16 22.42.28
Hey! draft this over Bloodfen Raptor.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-27-16 23.16.11
The Silver Hand Regent went on strike that turn.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-19-16 23.31.26
“It’s time to grab a beer and kick some rear!”
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-20-16 22.40.04
“Lightning bolt!”
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-19-16 23.33.12
Smoke it and get healed.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-19-16 23.39.08
Brothers separated by draft.

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