Bold predictions for Hearthstone’s next expansion

It’s going to be one whole month before Hearthstone has it’s next big announcement, which is likely about the next expansion. With that in mind, let’s make some stupid predictions for this expansion!

  • Windfury + Charge – In TGT, we got the Silent Knight, the first to combine Divine Shield and Stealth. While Mega-windfury and Charge are present in VOLTRON, that card is going to be impossible to pull off in 2016. I expect this combination of mechanics in some form. Maybe a crazy Shaman 5 cost, overload 5, 4/1 with windfury + charge. Or some weak 2/1. Windfury + Charge is going to be an aggro staple, if implemented, and will likely need to be heavily overcosted or too weak to play.
  • Enchantments/Towns – Continuous spells/enchantments are a common TCG feature, and Hearthstone tested it out with the Fate Brawl. Seeing as how that went smoothly, I wouldn’t be shocked to see these come by. I can see the subject of enchantments being a town in WoW, or some important character’s blessing/curse. I also see them being anti-tempo, expensive cards, which could be Epic or Legendary.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-06-16 17.31.03.png
I expect enchantments to be a little more creative when they’re out
  • War Golem becomes 7/8 – We know that Dr. 7 is off to the showers in 2016, and the standard cards may be altered. There is no reason to not make War Golem a 7/8. It’s still not going to be played in constructed play. I do expect a 7/8 to come up in this expansion, and it will be pretty good in the arena.
  • Smaller magic eaters emerge – Loatheb has the unique ability to make spells expensive. With him out of the picture, this entire mechanic is gone. Because Malygos is virtually unaffected by Standard Play, Hearthstone could really become Wizard Poker. I expect smaller scale Loathebs emerge, making spells cost 2 or 3 more.
  • Warriors get something scary – It’s been a while since Warriors have struck fear in my heart. These armoring up guys and do nothing and armor up some more are not as pugnacious as I like. I expect some new minion that is destructive, and will be very anti-Control Warrior. They do need a new guy like this after the Patron nerf.
  • Paladins getting something OP – Sort of a running gag, but Paladins are taking a big hit with Standard Play. I fully expect them to get something OP to make them top dog in Constructed Play. Maybe a Divine Shield + 1/1 for 2-mana spell? A secret that gives them a random same-cost mana card that the opponent plays? A 5/4 divine shield minion for 4 mana?
  • Rogue gets a stealth weapon combo – Rogues haven’t received a new weapon since getting a damn Wrench. Without Tinker’s Oil, Rogues are in need of a new win condition. I can see some weapon having a combo effect of stealthing something.
Hearthstone Screenshot 10-13-15 00.12.57.png
Dang ol trees
  • Druids get magical – It seems the Force of Nature + Savage Roar combo finally got the attention of Blizzard, and is getting changed significantly in some way. Druids currently have some tools to deal spell damage, with some powerful spells and Jungle Moonkin. Throw in Innervate, Malygos, Thaurissan, you might have something. Expect some spellpower help or more damage spells in the expansion.
  • Murlocs and pirates – With standard play, we lose two decent Murlocs in Puddlestomper and Siltfin Spiritwalker. Expect a new Murloc. Pirates also have been in the discussion of getting more help. Some tribe is going to have to pick up the slack after Mechs are banished.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-31-16 00.17.06.png
More cannons?
  • Land destruction/cloggers – I’m not sure where Blizzard has stood on the 7 minion board spots, but it would be a viable strategy against some flood decks. Maybe some minion that occupies 2 minion spots when its alive. Or some minion that summons 0/8 Can’t Attack guys on the other side.

Maybe none of these things will happen. In any event, I’m ready for the next reveal, and collecting dust/gold in the meantime.



One thought on “Bold predictions for Hearthstone’s next expansion

  1. I was just thinking the same thing about Warrior today. I feel like an aggressive perhaps slightly smaller card will be given to the class, perhaps with some affinity to armor, kinda like Tunnel Trogg. Also, never thought about the “Town” idea, but definitely seems plausible and cool

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