My Hearthstone Arena experience has been not pleasant of late, with most runs not getting to 5 wins even. My best classes and decent drafts have all failed me. With that, I am turning to my worst and least played class, Priest. Though Rogues perform miracles in Hearthstone, I am dire need of a turnaround.


Hearthstone Screenshot 02-21-16 13.06.51.png
Haven’t had one these mana curves in a while.
  • Card quality is pretty good overall.
  • Very little late game, plenty of early and mid game though.
  • Quite a bit of AoE, with 2 Holy Novas, Auchenai + Circle, and a couple of Wild Pyromancers.
  • Card cycling will happen through 4 discover cards I have.


  1. Warlock – 1st – 1-0 – Big board fight on Turn 7-9, helped by a discovered Toshley/Sneed’s Shredder I had. Opponent played two legendary dragons in Chillmaw and Onyxia late, and the Chillmaw definitely backfired in clearing their own board. Fossilized Devilsaur was useful in this game as well.
  2. Mage – 1st – 1-1 – I was going aggro in this game, while my opponent had pure card advantage. I was up 30-4, but started down 2 secrets, likely Ice Block and Effigy. So I kept going face. I was out of cards by the end, and I had to concede.
  3. Rogue – 1st – 2-1 – Easy game, where my opponent anti-tempoed big time by playing Summoning Stone and Blade Flurry. Fossilized Devilsaur and a discovered Cairne chipped away enough.
  4. Hunter – 1st – 3-1 – The true highlight of the run. The fight for the board lasted till Turn 8, when I had a buffed 4/4 Shadowboxer and clear with Holy Nova. My opponent then fueled up with Jeeves, drawing a few crucial cards, including Gladiator’s Longbow. I decided to pick Majordomo Executus for some reason against a threatening board, and he activated when I had 15 life. Though I lose a Armored Warhorse joust, I had enough for lethal thanks for Tomb Spider and DIE INSECT!
  5. Druid – 1st – 4-1 – Really quick 7 turn game where I just out-aggroed the opponent. A board never relinquished will lead to laughers like this.
  6. Rogue – Coin – 4-2 – Rogue did Rogue things, and had a Yeti that stayed on the board forever. I was down 25-5 in Turn 8, and stuck it out to Turn 10 out of sheer desperation.
  7. Shaman – 1st – 5-2 – I had full control in this game, though the board was seemingly contested every turn. A late Entomb sealed the deal.
  8. Paladin – Coin – 5-3 – A smart opponent who knew I was holding on to Holy Novas. A slew of discovery reinforcements were not enough to save me from the big threats I couldn’t clear.
Hearthstone Screenshot 02-21-16 14.25.20
I love the Shadowboxer’s attack effects.
Hearthstone Screenshot 02-21-16 13.20.29
A Devilsaur gains 3/3 and taunt after become a fossil.



  • Circle of Healing –  C+ – I pulled off the Auchenai Circle combo once in a game I was losing for sure. At other times I used it as a bait for Counterspell. Otherwise it did nothing in my hand.
  • Power Word: Shield – B+ – Didn’t get the card too often, but I used it on an opponent for cycling cards once when I was topdecking. Another time, it allowed a minion to live after trading.
  • Zombie Chow – B+ – A late game Zombie Chow provided enough life in a close game to the opponent. Otherwise, solid early game presence/trading.
  • Shadow Word: Pain – A- – Didn’t get it much, but used it to great value against a 3/5 Dragonkin Sorcerer, and clearing a 3/3 MCT in a close game that threatened lethal.
  • Mad Bomber – C- – I only played Mad Bomber once, and I killed my own minion.
  • Museum Curator – A+ – The best card of the run that seemingly discovered legendaries on every pick. The picks I played include Toshley, Sneed’s Shredder and Cairne Bloodhoof. Once I opted for Majordomo in what resulted in a very close game.
  • Puddlestomper – C+ – Nothing amazing, was played as my opening 2-drop twice and was subsequently traded by the opponent.
  • Shadowboxer – B+ – Despite having bad aim at clearing enemies, the Shadowboxer provided a solid 2/3, which traded well against small things. As other times, the constant face damage helped me quite a bit.
  • Shrinkmeiser – B+ – Did pretty good, allowing me to keep my minions alive after trading.
  • Wild Pyromancer – B – I used the Holy Nova combo a few times to good effect, but sometimes the 3 dmg was not enough. Otherwise, played for tempo a ton.
  • Velen’s Chosen – A+ – Just an amazing card that provided buffs to my minions, allowing them to stay around a while, thanks to the Priest heals.
  • Scarlet Crusader – B- – Did not show up a ton in this run, but it once became a 5/5, until it got Polymorphed.
  • Auchenai Soulpriest – A- – Pulled off the Circle combo once, but otherwise was good for spot clears of dying minions. Traded well with minions as well.
  • Chillwind Yeti – B- – The yeti did it’s job with the vanilla 4/5 stats. Nothing remarkable in this game.
  • Kezan Mystic – C+ – Pulled off a 2 for 1 trade once, but otherwise a tempo card that never got to steal any secrets.
  • Piloted Shredder – B+ – Did Piloted Shredder things, forcing trades and dropping something off. The cards I got from drops weren’t that good in this run.
  • Sen’jin Shieldmasta – A– Did a very solid job to create awkward situations, to allow me to set up my board. Used Velen’s Chosen on him a few times to create a big taunt.
  • Spellbreaker – C+ – I silenced a Nerubian Egg once, which had no bearing on a game I had easily won.
  • Tomb Spider – B – I didn’t get notable cards from Tomb Spider, but it allowed me to activate Fossilived Devilsaur twice. The 3/3 body was useful in wearing down opponents as well.
  • Holy Nova – A- – Quite devastating in a few games, with Wild Pyro to clean up. In my final game though, my opponent played around both Holy Novas I used.
  • Frostwolf Warlord – B- – Showed up a couple times to be a big threat to end games. Traded well or hit face.
  • Madder Bomber – I – Did not show up the whole run!
  • Entomb – A – Used it on Molten Giant, Fen Creeper and Force-Tank Max.
  • Fossilized Devilsaur – B+ – Surprise of the deck. Once being a big time beatstick to hit face, another time being the threat for lethal. Both times, it had taunt thanks to Tomb Spider.
Hearthstone Screenshot 02-21-16 13.23.16
I immediately thought of this deck. Huehuehue
Hearthstone Screenshot 02-21-16 13.59.51
Anduin needed a nap during the run.


  • My best run in 6 days or so, really with the Priest.
  • With that Priest leapfrogs Warrior as second-worst!
  • This is a deck that better Priest players would take maybe 8 or more wins. Just a great deck drafted, played by someone who doesn’t know how to play Priest.
  • Velen’s Chosen is really good. That will leave a bitter taste when Standard Play comes around.

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