Crystal Blue Persuasion

While I have lived an uneventful and unremarkable life to date, one of the one accomplishments I can lay claim to is that I watched Breaking Bad really early on. I started watching the show around the summer of 2009, and I was telling people in college then, who didn’t believe me, what a great show it was. I got rather obsessed with the show, knowing rather obscure quotes and virtually every moment of the show. So imagine the excitement I got when this happened:

Hearthstone Screenshot 03-05-16 23.17.47.png

Given that it is early in the Hearthstone season, my ability to win in ranked is a virtual coin flip. This loss afforded me the opportunity to hastily paste in various Walter White quotes with Microsoft Paint! First the appropriate threats:

Hearthstone Screenshot 03-05-16 23.28.44_ww2Hearthstone Screenshot 03-05-16 23.28.44_ww3

A little BM:

Hearthstone Screenshot 03-05-16 23.28.44_ww5.png

And some more out of place quotes:

Hearthstone Screenshot 03-05-16 23.28.44_ww4Hearthstone Screenshot 03-05-16 23.28.44_ww6

And this is all fitting on the board, given I got beaten by Toshley who’s big gun may or may not be set up in a vintage car trunk in “Felina”, Mind Control Tech which was successfully used on Jesse Pinkman in “End Times”, Ethereal Conjurer who conjured up some fulminated mercury in “Crazy Hand Full of Nothin'”, and Reno Jackson, who represents the money-making apsirations Walt had early on in the show.


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