Vanishing Act

Last night, I took a Druid 10 wins in the arena, a huge surprise by my lowly Druid standards. While I also saw value in Mini-Mage for the first time, another surprise emerged: I saw the card Vanish used. Twice. Both Rogues I played against Vanished the board clean. Let’s take a look at each Vanish, and what came of each game.


There’s no way to say this. Vanish is a god awful card outside of Mill Rogue. You’re paying 6 mana to return everything. You’ll have 0-4 mana to set up your board, while your opponent will have 6-10 mana to set up a board. That is some serious anti-tempo, letting your opponent flood the board with threats.

Vanish #1


Situation 1 occurs when I get whittled down to 8 life by Assassin’s Blade and a Sabertooth Panther, which was acquired by a Mulch. Vanish bounces back my 6/6 Kvaldir Raider, shieldless Argent Horserider, and a Sapling. Given it was Turn 8, my opponent was able to the 3/2 stealth again with the 2 leftover mana.

Given my low life state, I set up one of my Ironbark Protectors. I set up a big board with 2 Ironbark Protectors and a Sapling, threatening lethal. My opponent wound up killing both my Ironbarks, and had enough to kill me off.

Vanish #2


Situation 2 occurs when I get hit in the face by Unearthed Raptor and Stormwind Champion. I lose an injured Frost Elemental, Gadgetzan Jouster, and Sea Giant. My opponent had no follow-up to the Vanish.

Knowing my opponent had at least a Stormwind Champion, I cobble together a board of Emperor Cobra, Druid of the Fang and Gadgetzan Jouster.Though the game was far from over at that point, I had enough reach to win the game.

So when to use Vanish?

  • You are way ahead in life – This is probably the best juncture to use Vanish. You hit face, Vanish, and play something small. Hopefully, you have enough reach to win the game afterwards.
  • You have charge minions – Vanish gives your charge minions another go at the face. More reach!
  • Take advantage of bad effects – Vanish is not the worst idea when your opponent plays some cards with bad effects. Self-cutting or discard Warlock cards come to mind. Shaman overload cards like Earth Elemental hurt to play again. Sea Giant requires some set up with more minions.
  • Reach! – This is pretty much it. You have Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil, a souped-up weapon, Blade Flurry maybe, Eviscerate, and some charge minions.

Why you should continue not drafting Vanish

  • Big time anti-tempo – Like 2 Beneath the Grounds with no Nerubian invasion! Your opponent has a lot more mana next turn to set up their board.
  • A second chance – With some knowledge of your minions, your opponent can better setup their board to handle your minions.
  • Your opponent can take advantage of battlecry and discover – Most battlecries and discover effects are good effects. Your opponent will get a second change to cycle cards or get a good inspire card.
  • There are many better cards out there – Well you’re picking in the arena, and the chances you’ll get 2 better common cards are pretty high.

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