Endless Nameless Hype

Because almost everyone who plays Hearthstone is helplessly addicted, it’s no secret that everyone is drawn to the ongoing Old Gods card release. As such, people sleuthed their asses off to get the latest scoop and posted it on Reddit. Thumbnails were obtained of all the streamer card voting reveal cards, and by which streamer. What is unknown is what each card does, obviously.

So which ones am I most excited to see? Here are the remaining 15 cards in ascending order of excitement.

#15 – Tiddler Celestial


A mantid it looks like, wearing a crown. Pretty boring thumbnail.

#14 – Scamaz


Looks like Ancient Shade, but with well-defined muscles. Another lackluster reveal!

#13 – Savjz


This really looks like a spell. The Faceless in the picture looks ensnared or impaired in some way. Of course this could be a minion card, but looks like a spell really. A Priest Spell.

#12 – Reynad


What do you call a book of dark arts?  A grimoire or something? Most likely a Warlock spell. But that tentacle!

#11 – Firebat


You’ve got a Murloc wizard/spellcaster guy, but he has tentacles for legs. While this guy has a good chance of being OP, could this open the door for Mage or Warlock Murloc decks?

#10 – Trump


Looks like an imposing Faceless minion, most likely a rare or epic card. I mean look at this, it can’t be common!

#9 – Kranich


Some people think this could hint at Cho’Gall, but it looks like a dead giveaway at a spell. I mean the focus is on the death ray, not on Cho’Gall himself. Some kind of hard removal looks likely.

#8 – Thijs


This is some next-level ish. Possessed wisps? A big AOE spell? The possibilities are endless!

#7 – Richard Knight


So clearly you see all of Rexxar’s Animal Companions in a violent lunge. 9-mana summon all of Huffer’s companions? Always Huffer still applies!

#6 – Zhang Ding


This one is likely getting released soon, but a very spiny, infested dragon. It doesn’t look like a legendary dragon, but could be some rare or epic. A Twilight Drake of some sorts? Also dragon art is just amazing.

#5 – Lifecoach


So an orc is getting cloned. Or is this dude so mad that his rage side takes up matter? I am willing to bet this is a Warrior spell.

#4 – Roger


Looks clearly like an infested Druid minion, given the antlers.Though it also looks like a goblin, and I don’t think goblin druids exist. Anyhow, this guy looks really cool.

#3 – Kno


As a Rogue player, this is probably the one I care about the most. It’s basically Valeera with armor. So it’s likely a Rogue spell or weapon. Also obviously, Valeera follows the chainmail bikini protocol. Full armor would hamper her aerodynamics!

#2 – Kibler


People are saying this is Deathwing, but looks more likely some form of Black Dragonflight. Just a really cool looking dragon.

Winner – Dog


It’s crazy that of these 15 thumbnails, a goddang cup is the most exciting to me. Some things are clearly minions or spells, belonging to certain classes. This cup is just a mystery. I am dying to know what this does, even if it is horrible.


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