If everything goes according to plan, by this time next week, all of the cards from Whispers of the Old Gods should be revealed. There was a leaked released date for April 26th. Ben Brode and Frodan are doing some livestream on April 21st. I’m expecting Card Dump Day to be the next day.

While there is eager excitement for the game, my gameplay of late has been bad. I mean really bad.


The graphic above, courtesy of Arena Mastery shows an 11-win run on April 4th, and nothing much after that. My average over the last week has been 1.8. As a mainly arena player, this has been unsettling and somewhat depressing. There are several thoughts about what has brought on these struggles.

  1. The Constructed Meta is so stale, that the Arena is at a high – Given that Old Gods may likely come out at month’s end, one could assume that April 2016 has been rather uncompetitive so far. I mean someone could unpack a load of new cards, and just destroy the ladder with their new cards. I have seen really tough competition in the Arena. Even the 0-2 or 1-2 games aren’t cheap anymore. Talented constructed players are taking their talents to the arena and having fun.
  2. Weaker players have limited funds and are saving up – While you can be a pretty good player without spending money, there is likely some positive correlation between resources spent in Hearthstone, and success. A lot of people are saving money to buy some Old Gods packs, and for a lot of people, this means not paying for the Arena. This leaves the infinite arena players, who make money by playing arena, comfortable in staying in. This makes the overall competition really tough.
  3. I am in a funk – My arena experience generally ebbs and flows one week at a time. One week an infinite player, the next week below 3 average. I think my drafting hasn’t been ruined by anything, so it could just be misplays in game play, or just forgetting to play around enemy threats.
  4. My alcohol choice is screwing me up – I typically play Hearthstone at night, and have an arena run around 10pm. This goes along with drinking, and while that doesn’t screw me up completely, I have noticed that I haven’t had a Shock Top in quite some time. The vodka + grape juice drink of late must be screwing me up.
  5. Losing effect – I’m a really chill person typically, but losing in Hearthstone is something that just upsets me. Mostly it is through my own misplays, but any type of loss will weigh on me. A snowball effect seems to have occurred in the arena, setting in paranoia and fears.

I have tried things like taking a break and playing constructed, playing other games (thanks Duelyst) more often, etc. But due to the loss of gold, I will be attempting to play more ranked games in the near future, than the arena. I’ll be ready to jump back in when I am tired of the constructed meta. I’ll definitely be back when the new cards are offered in the arena, because that is a super fun time.


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