Halftime Grumblings

With over half of Whispers of the Old Gods released, some of the cards revealed have told some very telling things about the new card set. While managing expectations is a normal part of the card reveal experience, there are some big implications here!

  1. Classes aren’t following a linear path – When it was revealed that the Warlock was receiving Renounce Darkness and DOOM!, it became apparent that not every class is getting a “Forbidden” x-spend card. This point was reinforced, with the reveal of Dark Arakkoa, giving Druids 2 C’Thun helper cards. Given that there are 16 C’Thun help cards in all, this means that one or more classes may get 1 or even 0 C’Thun help cards. Warrior also has a rare C’Thun help card, so chances are the Warrior is getting the C’Thun support like Druid.
  2. Arena imbalance – From Point 1, it is apparent that the classes are getting varying number of C’Thun help cards. Because it has been stated that C’Thun and help cards are exclusive to Constructed, Druids will definitely have an arena imbalance, with regard to offering rates on cards. This will lead to a increased markup on cards like Mire Keeper and Mark of Y’Shaarj, which is a good thing of Arena Druids. If Warriors follow the same trend as Druid, they might get a big boost on some pretty good Arena minions.
  3. RNG is blowing up – With GvG dropping out, it has been conjectured that RNG will be lessened, with the removal of things like Piloted Shredder and Madder Bomber. Then Yogg-Saron dropped in. And then his Servant. And today, Shifter Zerus. It seems the somewhat restrained RNG of damage from goblin bombs and machinery has translated to eSports! levels of RNG. Pulling out spells and minions from the Hearthstone universe into your game is becoming a thing. Good luck playing around that!
  4. Boring cards, cool design – If there’s anything this expansion has brought, it is good card design. Cards that are considered OP aren’t exactly broken, and there is a lane for variation among bad cards, making them playable in certain decks. There has been a disproportionate amount of legendaries and epics released, so the rest of the cards in the set are likely boring, relative to what has been released. But one should expect some well-designed cards that will spice up decks and the arena.



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