Ye Gods! – Screenshots for the Hearthstone Player

April 2016 was a big month in the Hearthstone world. The pent-up anticipation for a new expansion, sparked by street murals of all things, resulted in the release of Whispers of the Old Gods. Nerfs to the Standard set forced players to try out new cards to replace those lessened. Further, Standard play came by, forcing players to play a whole new game. The expansion isn’t even 1 week old, and most of us are still trying to figure things out.

For me, April 2016 included a complete meltdown in my Arena play, forcing me to play Ranked for a good portion of the season. Now I am in a better place in the Arena, and enjoying the new Ranked meta as well.


2 thoughts on “Ye Gods! – Screenshots for the Hearthstone Player

    1. I played Pirate Rogue now and then, when I didn’t really feel like thinking. It is an ideal laddering deck in some sense, since the games lasted about 5 minutes, but it had a win rate about 50%. I have yet to plug it into Standard Play.

      Pirate Warrior sure is interesting since they got better tools, but the ideal decklist is still to be made.

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