DISCLAIMER: This post has nothing to do about drawing all your cards in Hearthstone

It’s only a Thursday, but I have had a very exhausting work week. Without getting into specifics about work, the last few days have been a whirl of nonstop meetings, phone calls, emails, people interrupting the quiet of my office, etc., all the while dealing with staffing issues, a couple deadlines, and my regular weekly load. While work-related exhaustion has always eaten away at me slowly, I have hit a point this week where it has affected my ability to play games. I struggled to get through the Tavern Brawl free pack, with really long games of Webspinners forking out mediocre beasts, and people who spent a lot of time thinking (and roping sometimes) during said Brawl. My exhaustion was undoing my preferred outlet of relieving exhaustion!

This prolonged lethargy made me think about having some coffee. While I always thought that the link between energy drinks and esports is silly, I do understand now that gaming is exhausting. And especially a game like Hearthstone, which is above-average in draining the mental faculties.

How do you muster the energy to play video games after a long day? How do you sustain playing games hours on end? Any suggestions welcome.


3 thoughts on “Battling Fatigue

  1. Sometimes, like tonight, I honestly do not have the energy. I am dealing with work stress as well. The RNG the last few days I have been dealing with in HS is driving me mad lol

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