As a Hearthstone player who disproportionately enjoys the Arena more than Constructed, I spend time looking at Arena tier lists quite a bit. Because of a seemingly prolonged slump, I have been back to using drafting guides recently. As the goal of the Arena is to have a deep run, and reap good rewards, it is always a good idea to have information to help draft a better deck.

The Old Gods meta has been admittedly rough. I’m seeing a lot of runs end at 2 or 3 wins. 5-6 win runs are becoming rare, while I get some 7+ runs here and there. As I continue my eternal quest to get back to a 5 win average, here are some impressions I have had on some of the Old Gods cards in the Arena. I have either played the cards myself, or have seen them commonly by the opposition. I’m also showing the tier list scores from two popular tier lists, The Lightforge and HearthArena.

Card Lightforge Score HearthArena Score Commentary
Forbidden Ancient 100 70 Forbidden Cards have great strength in their versatility, either as a curve filler, or for big impact. In the arena, where mana curves are ugly, and nothing is certain, a minion like this just helps glue a deck together. Might be an autopick for Druid epics.
Addled Grizzly 34 50 ↑ This card is perceived as bad, and it is. But the upside that it brings might make it seem more average. And in this heavy taunt meta, this guy might stick around long enough for a lot of buffs. Works decently with Mire Keeper. Way off-curve card, more late game.
Mire Keeper 62 74  ↔ Mire Keeper lets you ramp, but in the arena, the 2/2 slime is the better tempo play. It will almost always create an awkward trading situation for your opponent. Or present you with an awkward situation.
Infest 50 57 ↓ I have seen the wombo-combo with Infest and Unleash, which is sheer card advantage. But often this card is too clunky, and requires trading and a board for beasts, which as a whole aren’t too amazing.
Faceless Summoner 80 88 ↔ If you’re facing a Mage, you’re probably going to see this card, as it was very well-hyped upon reveal. The truth is that it isn’t too hard to deal with, when you have board control. On an empty board, it is great.
Servant of Yogg-Saron 38 52 ↑ You’re always going to be rolling the dice here, which limits it’s effectiveness. But like Yogg-Saron, most spells work in favor of the caster. I’d say it’s more high-risk/subpar than bad.
A Light in the Darkness 66 78 ↔ Outing tempo for value, this card is what it appears to be. The 2-mana is a bit costly though, which hurts.
Rallying Blade 82 89 ↔ I had no idea the tier lists rated this card this highly, so it is even. The personal bias of seeing a 3-mana 3/2 weapon is obviously underwhelming. But the power is enough to deal with the early game. And it makes all Divine Shields better.
Power Word: Tentacles 60 48 ↓ I have only seen this card clogging up the hand of Priests that I am laying the smackdown on. It might do okay in a topdeck/board control situation, but it is just too clunky.
Shadow Strike 80 77 ↑ This card is up there with Backstab and Eviscerate as autopick Rogue spells. Very dangerous card that most people are unable to play against.
Southsea Squidface 60 69 ↔ This is a slow card that is incentivized to trade, which is a bit odd. More often than not, you will just get 1 charge out of the squid oil, which is good enough to make it above-average.
Thistle Tea 36 37 ↔ I posted somewhere once that Thistle Tea will be as good as Sprint in the Arena. What I didn’t realize is that Thistle Tea will punish you for a bad draw, where as Sprint will give you an even sample. Also consider this: Thistle Tea is a late game card advantage play. Rogues have a ton of 1-drop minions. Not too useful in the gameplan.
Flamewreathed Faceless 78 91 ↔ Flamewreathed Faceless reminds me a lot of Whirling Zap at GvG launch, as it is a card that will outright win you the game if you can’t deal with it there. I can’t say that this card has really given me fits just yet, but it is as good as advertised.
Evolve 70 72 ↓ This is a case of a card might be better in the hands of a skilled player. Honestly, I have only seen this card used in a desperation maneuver for a taunt to protect against lethal. I think people are holding on to it too long, and not using it on 2-3 minions on board. It still has potential in the right hands.
Darkshire Councilman 70 61 ↔ This card is making its mark in constructed as the Zoo Undertaker, but is far less useful in the Arena. Obviously, it can spiral out of control if the drafted deck has the right tools and taunts.
Ravaging Ghoul 82 84 ↑ This card was predicted to be very good, but I’m going to take it a step further. I think it is bonkers. The combined board clear of tokens and Warrior synergy is too good.
N’Zoth’s First Mate 90 85 ↓ This guy is pretty good, but I don’t think it warrants god-tier ranks. I’d say it does the job as well as a Zombie Chow, and provides much needed early game. But…
Bloodsail Cultist 70 69 ↑ combining Bloodsail Cultist with N’Zoth’s First Mate is a dealbreaker. That is an insane 1-2 punch that will outright win you the game. Oh yeah, she’s pretty good as well.
Bog Creeper 78 87 ↔ ADWCTA said that Bog Creeper would be the best neutral common in Old Gods, and I don’t disagree. While class cards are often better, it is a card you should autopick against other good neutral cards, though you may want to stop after 1. Maybe 2. It basically creates very awkward trades, sometimes taking down 2 big guys and many smaller ones.
Bilefin Tidehunter 50 65 ↑ I think the score for this card should be somewhere in between, but a bit better than 50. Sure it’s not a great value card, but it has pretty good utility in the early and late game.
Psych-o-Tron 66 65 ↑ Another predicted good taunt for the meta. It seems underwhelming against a big board, but it is a little better than these tier scores in my book.
Nerubian Prophet 70 57 ↑ Not sure what is up with the HearthArena rank here, but it is clearly a fairly good card. Like a Forbidden, it has lots of utility. Either kept as a turn 3 4/4, or as a reduced-cost filler.
Twisted Worgen 56 60 ↔ This is a oft-seen card, as aggressive players might like it. It is performing as planned though, and makes Shattered Sun and Dark Iron Dwarf better as well.
Aberrant Berseker 66 61 ↔ This card is always going to trade 2-for-1 with smaller minions or force some face damage in, but at the same time isn’t an overpowered card.
Corrupted Healbot 64 71 ↓ You have to think what a 6/6 on Turn 5 is, compared to it’s brother Zombie Chow, a 2/3 on Turn 1. It will kill almost any 5-drop and have 1 or 2 health left over. It sounds okay in practice, but I haven’t found good results with it. I’d say it is more a low 60 card.
Corrupted Seer 60 60 ↑ You’re basically getting a Consecration with a 2/3 body, which makes the 6-value fine. The lowish scores are because it is conditional on being behind. But when you are behind, look out.
Blackwater Pirate 26 30 ↑  While the tier score is well-warranted, it is a solid pick when you have a couple weapons drafted.I think this should be rated in the 40s.
Hearthstone Screenshot 04-30-16 23.13.15
By claw and cutlass and hook.

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