The Curse of Cuteness: The Tinyfin Saga

DISCLAIMER: I am being completely facetious here. Or whatever the opposite scenario is.

To show that they “care” about the Arena, the official Twitter of Hearthstone (@PlayHearthstone) occasionally tweets out a random arena draft pick, asking the viewing audience what card to pick. They seem to have expanded things to other Twitter users asking around. I do enjoy these tweets as I can use it gauge what the “average Joe” Hearthstone player thinks.

Some assumptions can be made about the average person replying to this tweet:

  1. They play Hearthstone to some extent.
  2. They probably don’t play Arena, or play it once in a blue moon.
  3. They want to showcase their knowledge of the game.
  4. They actually know what is the right pick and want to help out and/or show off.
  5. They are trolling or posting a dank meme.

Anyways, it’s fun to see what people are saying. This draft screen was retweeted by @PlayHearthstone today from user Canberk Kaya.

As you can see, 27 picks in, the deck itself is decent some premium picks in the weapons, Arathi Weaponsmith, Piloted Shredder and N’Zoth’s First Mate. This draft pick here kinda hurts though. You are faced with 3 of the worst cards to pick. Without a question, I think Am’gam Rager is the clear pick, but other users on responding had other strong opinions:



This string of tweets was not representative of the entire chain, some vouched for the clear Am’gam Rager pick and even the Wisp, but this consecutive chain of Murloc Tinyfin proponents is here to drive my point: people are needlessly obsessed with cute cards.

Pros and cons of each pick



  • Free 1/1 tempo play


  • No synergy with deck, dies when Death’s Bite is broken
  • Dilutes the deck quality consistency

Murloc Tinyfin


  • Free 1/1 tempo play
  • Gets boosts from enemy Murlocs like Coldlight Seer, Murloc Warleader, and Grimscale Oracle
  • Survives Corrupted Seer AoE


  • No synergy with deck, dies when Death’s Bite is broken
  • Dilutes the deck quality consistency
  • Susceptible to Hungry Crab

Am’gam Rager


  • 1/5 body is likely able to survive any blows on turn 3
  • Has enough health to proc Rampage
  • Can be boosted by Cruel Taskmaster to make it a respectable 3/4
  • Trades with small minions, can ping off divine shield


  • 6 points of stats for 3 mana is not good, most minions with 6 points of stats and 3 mana usually have an effect (Ironfur Grizzly)
  • 1/5 distribution is not very useful, as it can’t kill any 2-health minion
  • Dilutes the deck quality consistency

So there. I do think Am’gam Rager is the clear pick, and Murloc Tinyfin is actually the 2nd choice, given the pros over Wisp.

Murloc Tinyfin would be a defensible pick over Am’gam Rager over certain scenarios though:

  • Playing Rogue and need a combo activator.
  • Playing Warlock and need something to boost Darkshire Councilman. Also a free Mortal Coil “soul to suffer” and draw a card.
  • Playing Paladin and have Steward of Darkshire.
  • Have Questing Adventurer, Hobgoblin, Sea Giant in the deck.
  • Have some kind of Murloc synergy going on.

Further the argument against Murloc Tinyfin is amplified since the player is a Warrior. Warrior cards work when cards are hurt, and the 1/1 cards just don’t cut it, as they die right away.

All in all, this pick likely has very little effect on the Arena run, as they all suck. I just wanted to point out how blinded many are by Murloc Tinyfin.


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