I bought a ticket to see the Warcraft movie tomorrow, as it was released just midnight in the States. Keeping up with movies is something I struggle with quite a bit, as I haven’t watched many movies since I downloaded a bunch of them with a college DC++ network. Warcraft is one of those movies that has gotten notoriously bad reviews, but has gotten better ratings from people who actually play WoW or other Blizzard games. I feel like it is a movie I will enjoy to some extent, because I am well-immersed in the Blizz world, and have played a bunch of Warcraft games. I will look forward to seeing characters, denizens, cities, and other elements of the Azerothian landscape.

But because this movie is based off Hearthstone, I want to predict certain scenes that we may or may not see in the movie.

  1. Gul’dan and a legion of minions – From what I can tell, Gul’dan looks to be a significant antagonist in this movie. I can’t wait for the imposing scene where Gul’dan brings forth a “zoo” of imps, tentacles, gnomes, squires, councilmen….
  2. Garona kills Varian’s dad – This happens in the lore and I have no idea if this happens in this Warcraft movie, but it is entirely possible. This very likely to happen near the end, after the protagonists defeat Gul’dan.
  3. Someone falls off a flying mount – If you ever played WoW, there’s a lot of flying around. You get your mount, or you hire a vehicle, and you fly somewhere far away. I predict someone is getting knocked off a dragonhawk at some point in the movie.
  4. Thrall and friends – Thrall is evidently a baby in this Warcraft movie, so it might be too early for him to pick up Doomhammer, given it costs 5 + Overload (2). But he might be strong enough to pick up a Rockbiter Weapon. And I can’t wait for some 4 mana 7/7’s to kick some Alliance butt.
  5. Anduin steals something – There seems to be another character named Anduin in this movie (to which the priest was named after). But knowing that guy, Anduin will steal something/someone in this movie.
  6. Someone will say “Ready for Action” – Scenes depict so many footmen in this movie. I assume they will form the red shirt army in the movie, getting murked by Orcs and whatnot. But I think some dude will say “Ready for Action.” I mean someone’s gotta do it!
  7. Protagonists save people from Murlocs – Murlocs are the perfect starter villain in a movie. They are wild, aggressive, but have no real bearing on the storyline. In Warcraft, a gang of Murlocs will almost murder this boy who went further then his mom told him to, and get blasted to smithereens by Medivh or something.
  8. Medivh goes crazy – At some point I believe Medivh loses it. He seems young in this movie, but it is possible.
  9. There will be a Mysterious Challenger – Not the 6/6 secret guy, but there will be a mysterious character in the movie that would be a teaser to someone big in the next movie, but clearly evident for those who know the lore well.
  10. Goblins doing Goblin things – Random vendors selling stuff and ripping people off? Guys operating zepplins? Auction houses? There are plenty of scenes where Goblins can help bring comic relief.

I think at least 1 or 2 of these things will happen, maybe they all will!


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