I just came back from the theatre from watching Warcraft. I can say that I enjoyed the movie, but was not amazed, which is about the expectation that I had going in. I’ll try not to spoil anything for those who have yet to see the movie, but here are some random observations I had about the movie.

  • Warcraft: Humans vs Orcs – I went in the movie expecting to see a whole host of different racial groups, which makes Warcraft what it is. While you do see some Alliance-related racial groups make small appearances, it is very human-focused. The only Horde racial group there are the Orcs. This could be by design, as Orcs just land in Azeroth, and other groups may not have joined yet. I was a little disappointed to not see Tauren, Trolls, Goblins, etc.
  • No introduction – It isn’t really clear what the objective of the Orcs are in this movie. The impetus to leave their world isn’t sold well, or made clear.
  • Hard to root for the Horde/Orcs – While the movie does portray the Frostwolves as good guys, it is very hard for a typical moviegoer to root for the Horde/Orcs, if they aren’t familiar with Warcraft. There aren’t any good reasons provided by the movie to root for them.
  • Bunch of things are non-canon – The most pivotal death from the movie, (of a certain leader), is not canon I believe. Well going into the movie, I know it happens but  the intentions surrounding the assassin, and how it went down doesn’t seem canon. Not surprising a movie adaptation doesn’t meet exactly everything from a game, but it left me puzzled for a little bit.
  • Gul’dan uses drain life, a lot – Drain Life is a crappy spell in Hearthstone, but holy crap, Gul’dan uses it a lot in this movie. Or it might be Siphon Soul. In any case, Gul’dan just drains life non-stop. He even does it to a random deer to save a certain baby (who summons 4 mana 7/7’s.)
  • Gul’dan is big – The Hearthstone portrait of Gul’dan is very deceiving, leaving some people to think he isn’t even an orc. While not as built as a regular orc, Gul’dan is still a very big dude, and it is obvious in this movie. He also looks like he can barely move, before he gets in a fight. In that fight, he actually fights, which surprised me as well. Gul’dan also goes shirtless, which lets you see what his back looks like.
  • Anduin – From the first scene, it is apparent that Anduin Lothar is a badass. This badassery goes till the end of the movie. Almost everything he does in the movie is badass.
  • Khadgar – Khadgar runs the gamut in this movie. He primarily serves as the butt monkey in the movie and is bullied. He eventually graduates to badass. He casts a whole list of Mage spells including arcane missles, polymorph, fireball/fireblast, and various shielding ones. He is also the main source of comic relief in the movie, where there is very little at all.
  • Random ass murloc sound – In a transition between scenes, you hear a random murloc noise. The same murloc noise when Bluegill Warrior/Grimscale Oracle/Murloc Tidehunter/Miracle Murloc is summoned.
  • Flying – So much flying on mounts, but nobody gets knocked off really. The flying over cities is a main draw from WoW and well done here as well.
  • Fel is bad – This is a recurring theme in Warcraft, and emphasized to a great deal in this movie. I wonder how they will swallow “good fel guys.”
  • Guns! Glorious guns – Holy crap, guns are powerful in this movie. It makes you think why humans bother with swords at all, or why dwarves haven’t taken over the world already.

Anyone else seen the Warcraft movie? Any opinions?


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