The Definition of “Fun” in Hearthstone

I saw the little post below on Reddit yesterday about Elite Tauren Chieftain:

While the post is obviously flawed because ETC is promo card from 2013, it does bring forth the interesting discussion about what quantifies fun in a game. This is especially interesting to talk about in Hearthstone, a competitive game played for big money in eSports competitions.

Fun means having fun

Hearthstone is designed as a game with many comical elements in it. There are also a lot of random things that happen, which could be fun. The OP of the Reddit post encapsulates someone who just wants to have fun when playing Hearthstone. He/She eludes to ETC likely losing you the game, and acknowledging the RNG aspect of the card. But above all, they only care about playing fun cards.

Fun means winning

The counterpoint is that losing sucks. If you’re winning more games, you are having fun. Pro-players relentless grind for legend and getting out of so-called “dumpster ranks.” This just means a lot of winning, and a whole less lot losing. This likely involves playing decks with no waste at all, that are optimized from beating the meta of the week.

Fun means a balancing act

I think most people who play Hearthstone will fall under this. You care about winning games a lot, but also want to have a little fun. Most people here have a goal to get to a certain season rank, and then mess around with a fun deck. These people have lots of innovative ideas but are often pressured to netdeck themselves to a certain rank for self-satisfaction/rewards.

My views of fun

As an arena main, I don’t have so-called “fun runs,” where I would go for some weird synergy or only pick the left-most cards. I draft the best deck I could every time out. I also play with the class I am best with (Rogue), and balance the other classes depending on feel/success.

In ranked, I try to get to a certain Rank, 10 or more recently 5. I often do this with some deck I made myself. Then I fail, and netdeck something to get to the desired rank. I really don’t like losing in any game mode, and that limits my capability to grind for legend.

Final words on fun

It is impossible to quantify “fun” in Hearthstone, as the word means different things to different people. Hopefully posters in the future would be more cognizant to realize that the game isn’t just about winning or just about having a good time. The Hearthstone community isn’t monolithic at all when approaching the game, and that’s a good thing.

Hearthstone Screenshot 05-22-16 13.41.31

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