The Most Baffling Artworks in Hearthstone

Besides being a life-consuming game, Hearthstone has several awesome elements in it’s design and appearance. The card art for example is very well-done. Starting out, a lot of card art was borrowed from the defunct WoW Trading Card Game, but more art has been commissioned in recent card releases. Despite the overall great appearance of the artwork, some cards just don’t fit too well with the card. Sometimes the card art doesn’t fit the card effects. Sometimes the card just outright doesn’t make sense. I went through every single card to figure out what the most baffling artworks are in Hearthstone.

10. Mind Vision – Tauren are spiritual beings, so that makes sense there. But this is some freaky forehead eyes thing stealing a card from your hand. Also, I think Tauren are supposed to be honest and direct, not stealing things.

File:Mind Vision(438).png

9. Shady Dealer – The guy is selling poisons, which makes sense as a Rogue card. But the card art just doesn’t match the card description. Pirates are unlikely to use poisons, as they rely on a fast, in-your-face aggro offense.

File:Shady Dealer(22348).png

8. Warhorse Trainer – His “Mount up” call makes sense with the whole equestrian theme. However, the odd thing about the card art is that he is a blood elf. Blood elves are members of the Horde, and would be anti-synergy with the humans he leads.

File:Warhorse Trainer(22330).png

7. Angry Chicken / Chicken – The card art mismatch here has been pointed out by Ben Brode himself. The Angry Chicken isn’t actually angry (seems confused), and shows a chicken falling out of armor. The Gnomish Experimenter Chicken is actually angry. Switch the card art!

File:Angry Chicken(57).pngFile:Chicken(12355).png

6. Equality – Tell me how a fist means a board clear. I just don’t get this one at all.


5. Blood to Ichor – A very interesting card art for sure, one that caught my eye immediately with the release of Old Gods. The scene depicts a Dranei paladin seemingly fighting with a human cultist. I guess cultist got hit with the hammer, and his ichorous blood started to ooze out. And the Dranei is kinda just standing around. The card art makes sense given the card’s effect, but seems to have some complicated backstory.

File:Blood To Ichor(35209).png

4. Fencing Coach – I guess dancing has to do with footwork, which I assume is useful in fencing well. What concerns me about this card is the guy doesn’t have a goddang sword.

File:Fencing Coach(22378).png

3. Earthen Ring Farseer – ERF is the de-facto Rogue healer minion, and is tremendously versatile. I guess the totems and robes show that this guy is Shamanistic. What I don’t get is why this guy is literally about to smash something with his weapon. Cards that heal as their primary ability should look like it at least. This dude is going SMOrc on something.

File:Earthen Ring Farseer(557).png

2. Evil Heckler – Heckler is more known his famous vocal lines and power creep. But the guy in the card art looks like wizard of some sorts. I guess he is evil because he is draining the life of a soul nearby. But he looks like the kind of guy who would just murder you, instead of taunting. The Dark Iron Spectator card art is more fitting.

File:Evil Heckler(22390).png


  1. Quartermaster – Just confusing card art. I believe quartermasters are NPCs in WoW who sell you stuff or provide lodging. The guy in the card art looks like a barbarian/gladiator who is shown ripping apart chains with his bare hands. The card effect makes sense with the card art, but I guess the name just doesn’t match. Yeah that’s it.



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