Two months ago, I attempted to give my take on what the top Old Gods cards would be. These predictions were made before I even opened a pack. Now we are in what I would like to call “The Information Meta.” Everyone is just so well-informed, that they are playing the best decks to counter the meta. I noticed this specifically with the rise of Dragon Tempo Warrior and Midrange Hunter. I strongly believe a lot of it has to do with the Vicious Syndicate, who have produced the best weekly Hearthstone meta report ever, complete with data, expert insight, and cool charts! They are a great resource, but I feel they have brought upon this “Information Meta.” That is my way of complaining about even struggling to get to Rank 10 this season. Tangent aside, here is a look back at my old predictions.

10. Thing from Below – The Thing is a staple in “Midrange Shaman” which isn’t really midrange, and plays slightly slower than Aggro Shaman, but with more totems. Coupled with Tuskar Totemic and Totem Golem, this is an amazing tempo play. It might be a Top 5 card so far in this meta.

9. Infested Wolf – Midrange Hunter is surprisingly diverse, with so many plug-and-play options. Infested Wolf is typically in the deck, running 2 or 1. I’m not sure if it is as good as a Top 10 card, but it is definitely strong and is a staple for Midrange Hunter.

8. Forbidden Ritual – I didn’t include Darkshire Councilman, but this is essentially the card that completes him. It made a lot of sense this would be a good card, given the loss of Imp-losion. I’d say this card is rightfully in the lower Top 10.

7. Evolve – Welp, good idea, but the rise of Shaman via Aggro Shaman and “Midrange” Shaman made this card more of an interesting accessory. I am not knowledgeable enough to know why it isn’t in the deck. One big downside is transforming 1-mana totems into Doomsayers. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make the cut in the fast Shaman meta. You still see in the Arena now and then as a desperation move. Big whiff here.

6. Journey Below – This card is typically found in N’Zoth Rogue, but N’Zoth Rogues aren’t exactly a hot deck in the meta. Rogues got hot with a Miracle Resurgence, but overall weakness against the fast meta has put the class back down to a lower tier. Given that Miracle is still stronger than N’Zoth Rogue, this card isn’t seeing a ton of play overall.

5. Master of Evolution – Similar to Evolve, but I believe this card is more versatile and has a chance to re-enter the meta. I see it in some “Midrange” Shaman decks now and then, but I believe it is cut if the player wants to go faster.

4. Blood to Ichor – Tempo Warrior is very strong now, and Blood to Ichor is a big reason why. It just works so well as an Enrage trigger, Acolyte of Pain draw, ping before Ravaging Ghoul, etc. Plus the 2/2 tempo Slim isn’t to be ignored. It is basically a 1-mana Ironforge Rifleman. Good prediction.

3. Cabalist’s Tome – Not many Mages ran this card until the “Chinese Tempo Mage” invaded the meta. Now that deck is rather strong, and this card provides sustain to keep going. Getting 3 random spells has synergy with various cards in Tempo Mage, and more fuel with Antonidas. Further, you are very likely to get Pyroblast for lethal.

2. Bloodhoof Brave – The brave is a near-staple for Warrior decks, providing tremendous utility as a defensive and offensive option. The Black Knight has seemingly dropped out of the meta again, meaning he is safe. Further, Priests are typically milk carton characters now, so it wouldn’t have it’s mind changed. It might be a bit lofty to predict it as the 2nd best card in Old Gods, but it is definitely a Top 10 so far.

  1. Hallazeal the Ascended – Aside from some creative Malygos shenanigans, Hallazeal suffers from the same fate of other Shaman cards that aren’t 4-mana 7/7’s. It just isn’t at the meta because Shaman is so strong when going fast. Maybe he will re-emerge (I hope so!). Otherwise this prediction is a huge swing and miss.

Bonus: Fandral Staghelm – I predicted Fandral Staghelm will suck. Well, he is now a Druid staple for the seemingly only deck of Token Druid. I should just stop predicting legendaries.

Hearthstone Screenshot 06-21-16 00.07.44.png
“Who the hell is that!?”

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