With Hearthstone players becoming a little antsy for new content already, there has been renewed speculation of the next adventure to be released. @DisguisedToast is doing the Old Gods work again, speculating the adventure to be Karazhan or Darkmoon Faire. The most recent video hints at Karazhan.

At this point, any speculation is good for a little resuscitation. But Toast provides a solid case of Karazhan in the video. What if it is another raid? What if it’s Darkmoon Faire?

Past adventures and their ties to Warcraft

I decided to go take a look at every adventure card that was released for the 3 past adventures. With this, I assigned every card a rating of high, medium, and low. A high rating card would be something that can be directly found in World of Warcraft, or has a direct correlate with a modified name. A medium rating card would be something that does exist in World of Warcraft, but is just tied to a species. A low rating card would be something that does not necessarily exist in World of Warcraft, or is just a generic character or spell.

Naxx Out?

  • High = 15 (e.g. Zombie Chow)
  • Medium = 3 (e.g. Unstable Ghoul)
  • Low = 12 (e.g. Dark Cultist)

Being the first adventure, Naxxramas was very cookie cutter, following a linear sequence of a WoW raid.

Blackrock Mountain

  • High = 16 (e.g. Blackwing Technician)
  • Medium = 3 (e.g. Drakonid Crusher)
  • Low = 16 (e.g. Hungry Dragon)

BRM followed another linear route of a WoW raid, but had a wrinkle in the storyline with the constant power shifts between Ragnaros and Nefarian.

League of Explorers

  • High = 7 (e.g. Anubisath Sentinel)
  • Medium = 12 (e.g. Reliquary Seeker)
  • Low = 26 (e.g. Reno Jackson)

League of Explorers took the radical step of being entirely created from the ground up, with most of the legendary cards and cards themselves being newly created. It also featured the Temple Escape round, which involved surviving obstacles, rather than fighting a certain boss.



  • Why it is likely: Features a lot of new encounters and minions. Could have several innovative fights with the Opera and Chess events. Was mostly recently featured in the WoW movie.
  • Why it is unlikely: Team 5 will need to find a way to make the Karazhan adventure it’s own without disappointing the fanbase. Could it be done?


  • Why it is likely: Ulduar is considered one of the most popular WoW raids.
  • Why it is unlikely: Features a number of cards already released in Hearthstone, including: Yogg-Saron, Mimiron, and Flame Leviathan.

Darkmoon Faire

  • Why it is likely: Follows the dark theme of Old Gods in the Year of the Kraken. Would likely be the funnest possibility. Possibly lots of RNG if it is the adventure.
  • Why it is unlikely: It is a carnival, it might be difficult turning it into an adventure. Lack of established enemies. Too similar to Old Gods, art-wise.

I personally wanted a Darkmoon Faire adventure some time ago, given how fun I thought it was in WoW. But the signs seem to point to Karazhan. Anywho, start saving up gold for this adventure. An announcement could come any time, given the lull in Hearthstone news lately.



3 thoughts on “A Look at Hearthstone Adventures and the Binds of Lore

      1. Kara is my all time favorite raid. I loved the mechanics, the lore, and the atmosphere of the place. My wife and I, when we come back to WoW randomly, love to just run it for mounts and fun. Ulduar is similar for both of us, because TITANS ARE FUCKING AWESOME.

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