July Hearthstone Recap + Screenshots

The July 2016 season was a very run-of-the-mill season for me. I barely ran a win rate above 50% in Ranked mode, finishing with a pedestrian Rank 9. I got through the high teens with my homebrewed Miracle Rogue, got through the pre-teen Ranks with a Shaman, and ended things with Midrange Rogue and Yogg Druid.

In the Arena, I have stayed consistent with my 4.85 average, with my regular vicissitudes dragging down my good arena runs. I got my first 12-win run with Warlock, my 8th Lightforge overall. Warlock somehow climbed from my 5/6 class to my 3rd best class. I was deprived of Rogue for a good 3 weeks, and now am getting recompensated in that department. I continue to struggle with Mage and Paladin for reasons unknown.

And of course, One Night in Karazhan was just announced, and will drop August 11th. I can wait to sink my teeth in the new cards in constructed, and more importantly, play a new arena meta. Hey, some screenshots below!

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