Moroes: The First Karazhan Downer

One Night in Karazhan is slowly having it’s cards trickle out to the public, since the announcement a few days ago. While only 11 of 45 cards have been revealed, I believe that the first unplayable card has emerged in Moroes.


Moroes is a bit of a beloved and tragic character in Warcraft, serving Medivh’s every need and ultimately getting killed by him. He is the first mandatory boss in the Karazhan raid in WoW. He was in the Warcraft movie.

While it is bad practice to say a Hearthstone card will be bad when 34 cards are to be released, I will take the heel turn here. I think Moroes will not be a competitive Hearthstone card, no matter what gets released. Here is why.

1. No immediate big effect on the board

Moroes does have an effect on the board, a bit of a delayed battlecry. He will survive being played on Turn 3, and summon a 1/1 Steward. This is not unlike a similar 3-drop, Razorfen Hunter (2/3), which summons a 1/1 Boar. A 1/1 token is not nothing, but it is as close as it gets to nothing.

2. There is very little sub-tribe support in Hearthstone

There are seven “tribes” in Hearthstone: beast, demon, dragon, mech, murloc, pirate, and totem. Most minions don’t belong to a tribe. Further, there is very little sub-tribe support. The only one that comes to mind are Silver Hand Recruits, who get a buff from Quartermaster and Warhorse Trainer. I don’t expect a card that will give buffs to the 1/1 Stewards.

3. 1 Health

This is the primary reason Moroes isn’t going to succeed. He is a 3-mana 1/1, with emphasis on the 1 health. Cards that don’t have an immediate effect or initiative, cost more than 1 mana, and have 1 health are severely limited. As such, I filtered all minions that have: 1) 1 health, 2) have no divine shield,  3) cost more than 1 mana, 4) have no Battlecry or Choose One to see how competitive the list is. Here is the list:

1 health
Courtesy of

Besides the past Face Hunter staple Wolfrider, murloc Bluegill, and card advantage guys Loot Hoarder and Bloodmage Thalnos, this isn’t a list of minions that inspires confidence in competitive Hearthstone play.

While having permanent stealth helps him survive directed pings, the 1 health is a severe limitation.

4. Every class can deal 1 damage AoE

Moroes is cloaked, and generates 1/1’s, but this is something any class can get rid of.

Warrior: Ravaging Ghoul, Whirlwind, Revenge

Shaman: Lightning Storm, Elemental Destruction

Warlock: Hellfire, Demonwrath, Shadowflame, Dread Infernal

Mage: Flamestrike, Blizzard, Twilight Flamecaller, Arcane Explosion, Arcane Missles + Flamewaker

Hunter: Explosive Trap (this is the weakest class in this removal)

Druid: Swipe, Starfire

Rogue: Fan of Knives, Blade Flurry

Paladin: Consecration

Priest: Excavated Evil, Holy Nova, Circle of Healing + Auchenai

Neutral: Corrupted Seer

Every class pretty much will run at least one of the above cards in their decks. Hunters have the weakest removal out of this lot, but the rest would easily wipe out Moroes. Aggro decks may not run AoE removal, but playing a 3-mana 1/1 and 1/1 token isn’t the best tempo against a deck trying to kill you fast.


This is my case as to why I believe Moroes will not be a playable card in Hearthstone, no matter what cards come out, and what strategies emerge. While there are some possible synergies with Steward of Darkshire, Hobgoblin, and some possible Druid help with tokens, I feel it will be hard to pull off.

I really want the card succeed, and I hope I completely eat these words. But I feel it’s limitations are just too much to overcome.


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