Because I have been emotionally invested in Hearthstone for some time, I have proceeded an undertaking to provide some commentary about the new, to-be-released Hearthstone cards. All 45 cards of One Night in Karazhan were revealed as of last night. I decided to put my focus on looking at the arena value of all the cards, and provide an overview of the new arena outlook.


I created arbitrary arena drafting tierscores for all the new cards. The cards were not really compared to the existing tierscores on the web to great detail, rather my impressions of how good a card is in the arena. I’ve included a small blurb about each card as well.

All cards can be seen here.

Card Rarity – Class Score In Brief
Enchanted Raven C – Druid 64 Allows you to trade up with any 2-drop. Great synergy with Mark of Y’Sharrj.
Menagerie Warden C – Druid 67 9.5% of the Druid/Neutral minion pool are beasts. Anti-tempo 3 pts for a free summon? Sign me up.
Moonglade Portal R – Druid 60 You’re getting a 5/5.3 on average, with some valuable effects. 6 heal is a throw-in that makes this less valuable than other portals.
Kindly Grandmother C – Hunter 76 Hunters are not the strongest in the early game ping department, and this helps a great deal. 3/2 summon allows trading up next drops.
Cloaked Huntress C – Hunter 73 Freezing Trap aside, Hunter secrets are less valuable in Arena than Constructed. This gives incentive to draft some secrets.
Cat Trick R – Hunter 50 This card is like Beneath the Grounds. Essentially paying 2 for a delayed 3-cost Jungle Panther. Spells in the Arena a little rarer though, but will trigger.
Firelands Portal C – Mage 85 5-drops round out to a Yeti (4.2/4.7), so 3 dmg for 5 mana. 7 mana is costly, but the tempo gain + removal is too good to pass up.
Medivh’s Valet C – Mage 60 They lied! This is not a bad card, but a River Crocolisk with plus plus upside. Could consider picking over Snowchugger, with Secrets.
Babbling Book R – Mage 70 Classes are shoring up their early game and this one comes with a free Mage spell. FYI: Mage spells are usually good.
Nightbane Templar C – Paladin 45 Dragon synergy is nice, but unreliable in the Arena. 5.5% of the Paladin/Neutral pool is dragon.
Silvermoon Portal C – Paladin 52 The average 2-drop is a 2/2.4, so worse than a 2/3. The buff is worth about 2. Very averagish, which pales in comparison to Paladin cards.
Ivory Knight R – Paladin 45 The average Paldin spell is 3 mana, and you get card advantage. But this is a 5-point anti-tempo card, which spells mediocrity.
Purify C – Priest 35 Drawing a card saves this card from being an utter disaster. Also allows Priest to draft stuff like Eerie Statue.
Priest of the Feast C – Priest 60 A sturdy 3/6 body in the 4 spot can twofer multiple little guys, but doesn’t really help Priest in the early game fight.
Onyx Bishop R – Priest 54 A fair value 3-drop with a 2-cost Resurrect. The problem with it is that you’re bringing back some Arena card rather than a Constructed one.
Swashburglar C – Rogue 83 Combo-enabler? Check. Card advantage? Check. Pirate? Check. Sounds like a Rogue minion to me.
Deadly Fork C – Rogue 57 I was excited for a spanking new Rogue weapon, but we get a Fork. A 2-drop body that gives a 2/3-cost weapon? Not equipping the weapon makes it a bit slow.
Ethereal Peddler R – Rogue 72 A Pit Fighter with great cost-reduction upside. I was skeptical at first, but Swashburglar made it more likely to trigger.
Wicked Witchdoctor C – Shaman 58 Shamans have decent spells. The 2-point anti-tempo is not horrible, but getting basic totems rather than Totem Golems makes this more average than good.
Spirit Claws C – Shaman 70 While it is easy to roll a spellpower totem, is that what you want to do in the Arena? Besides the big-time upside, it is like Light’s Justice.
Maelstrom Portal R – Shaman 72 This is a lot like Twilight Flamecaller, dropping a mediocre spell (Arcane Explosion) for tempo. The average 1-drop is a 1.3/1.6.
Malchezaar’s Imp C – Warlock 45 I’m not sure if Discardlock will become a thing, but it has no relevance in the Arena. This card only dilutes solid early game that Warlock has.
Kara Kazham! C – Warlock 68 Provides the same 6/6 tempo as Silver Hand Knight. Not particularly interesting, but has synergy with Knife Juggler and Darkshire Councilman.
Silverware Golem R – Warlock 50 If you do discard it, it is free 3/3 tempo. Otherwise, it is just a 1-point anti-tempo. Don’t depend on discarding it.
Ironforge Portal C – Warrior 35 The average 4-drop is a 3.1/4.1. So you’re basically paying 2 mana to gain 4 armor. Like a worse Shield Block, which is bad.
Fool’s Bane C – Warrior 83 A game-changing weapon that allows Warrior to shut down the midgame. Makes a card like Upgrade pretty good as well.
Protect the King! R – Warrior 40 Unleash the Hounds is very good because the Hounds have initiative. This just delays the inevitable. Situational, and reliant on drafting Bolster to be good.
Runic Egg C 26 Egg cards work better in buff classes and provide AoE insurance. But just like the other eggs, it doesn’t do much and is situational.
Arcane Anomaly C 49 It passes the vanilla 1-drop test of 2/1 + effect. Otherwise, lackluster in Arena because of the premium on spells, and it will never become a Zombie Chow right away.
Pompous Thespian C 61 While an immediate upgrade over Bloodfen Raptor, does this taunt do much in the early game? It will likely get traded easily. More value as a block when pushing face damage.
Netherspite Historian C 45 As mentioned, Dragons are rare in the Arena, making this a very situational draw.
Zoobot C 62 It turns out 16% of minions are either Beast/Dragon/Murloc. Situational and random buff makes it a little less than Shattered Sun Cleric.
Pantry Spider C 43 Geting 8 points of stats is good for 3 mana. But this is a case of bad stat distributions of 2 1/3’s, which could get twofered by any 3 drop.
Violet Illusionist C 74 This card will only help weapon classes, but it will help them a great deal. I think this card could compete with premium common neutral, and shines as a 3-drop.
Arcanosmith C 20 I’m not sure that this guy even gets 4 mana worth of value. Getting a taunt makes it better than the worst cards, but it is in dangerous territory when drafting.
Menagerie Magician C 64 Similar to Zoobot, except you get the advantage of 2 extra turns of getting a buff target. Has potential in the right draft.
Avian Watcher R 45 This card is better in the late game when played with a secret in the same turn. Not a great play otherwise, in most classes.
Moat Lurker R 65 Forget destroying your own minions because you won’t have Sylvanas in the Arena. The closest relative to this guy is Kidnapper, and inherent hard removal is a premium.
Book Wyrm R 48 Very strong effect (better than Kodo), but of course, depends on the rare Dragon synergy to be effective.
Arcane Giant E 63 This requires 5 spells to be worth playing, so definitely draft-dependent. Worse than Sea Giant, but better than the others. Treat it as a regular big guy.
Barnes L 68 You get your 4/5 worth of stats, and plus upside with deathrattles or continuous effect minions.
The Curator L 48 A card advatange card that taps into the the 16% chance you have the “Zoo minions.” 4/6 taunt for 7 is bad, so very situational card.
Moroes L 46 Theoretically, this is an Imp Master and serious anti-tempo card. Much less likely to be removed in Arena than Constructed, could provide late game value.
Prince Malchezaar L 80 While debatable in Constructed, getting 5 legendaries is a boon in the Arena. Concern is that he will wreck a mana curve, given the average legendary costs 6.4. Great pick 1-15, iffy when you have established your draft.
Medivh, the Guardian L 67 Definitely shines in classes with a lot of good spells, but dependence on not having used said spells is very conditional.


I’ve also recorded a video where I talk about the cards at length, and also talk about the overall changes to the arena when all the cards are released.



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