On the penultimate day before the release of One Night in Karazhan, the patch notes released have revealed a bunch of new changes. That and what occurred last night with Purify are big news. All of the points below deserve a blog post of their own and I am going to curse myself when I have nothing to blog about later. Onward!

Purify out of Arena

Legitimate concerns about Priest in constructed play spiraled into abject bitching on the grounds of Hearthstone Reddit. While Hearthstone complaints get extreme every so often, the Priest hivemind reached new territories in it’s unrelenting and stifling nature.

Ben Brode addressed the issue in a slightly more somber mood it seems, explaining why Purify exists. The explanation was that the card primarily exists as a bad card for individuals who enjoy “making bad decks work.” He also owed up to the mistake of releasing the card in this adventure, given the dire state of Priest currently.

Then out of the blue, Brode mentions that Purify will not be an Arena card. This is remarkable for the reason that most of the people who play Hearthstone, and a majority of those complaining about Priest play Hearthstone for Constructed reasons. Arena players recognize Priest as a bottom-tier class. The removal of Purify from the Arena must confirm that Blizzard’s statistics show Priest is the worst class in the Arena. So Purify joins the C’Thun set of not existing in the Arena draft. This is big for many reasons. While it is apparent in life that complaining enough will bring about change, it shows that Blizzard finally did something to cater to the Arena. The assignment of cards to seemingly random rarities has been a bane for players hoping for Arena balance. While Arena-geared cards have been released to balance class play, this is the first time something has been done directly for a weak Arena class. Removing Purify isn’t going to help the Priest amazingly but it will ensure that Priests of the Feasts will be present in every Arena game.

Karazhan card order

The next 4 weeks will see the release of 45 new cards. Here are the cards released by week.

karazhan order.PNG

Arena names back

I have yet to play my daily Arena, but apparently the obscured names of Hearthstone players are back. I never actually knew this was a bug of the UI system, rather I thought it was Blizz’s way of pandering to people who claim of stream snipers. I actually do enjoy seeing entertaining battletags from time to time, and am happy the names are back.

Token costs increased

Biggish change here. A bunch of token minions got more expensive. Finkle Einhorn is now a 3-mana (3/3), Nerubian is now a 4-mana (4/4), Slime is now a 2-mana (2/2), etc. It seems that a whole lot of tokens were cost-effective plays earlier, but now they are somewhat anti-tempo plays. This really has no bearing on anything other than Mill Rogue. Mill Rogue gets on by bouncing minions continuously. Making tokens more expensive will help clog up hands and use up mana.

Flavor text

Best flavor text – not even close

book wyrm.png

His favorites are classic tragedies like “The Hobbit” and “Grendel”.

I called it – inadvertently predicting flavor text

My first feat was predicting Am’gam Rager. 


The Murloc is taking the picture.

Best card art

cat in a hat.png

mic drop


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