One Year of Mana

One year ago, I decided to resurrect my blogging hobby that had gone on and off for years. Unlike previous boring personal blogs, I decided to solely focus the blog on the game Hearthstone. And here we are.

All-time stats


My overall stats are funny. I guess I blogged fairly regularly every few days through the year. I had just over 8,400 views and 6,950 visitors. I had a few days of high-view outliers, where my blog was advertised on Hearthstone Reddit, and my site traffic was on fire.

Top 10 posts

Post Views
Master of Evolution – A Bright Future 3238
Home page / Archives 1535
Hearthstone vs Magic Duels 706
Pick Your Poison: The Dilemma of 3 Bad Arena Choices 244
Grinding Tools 193
On the HearthArena Fallout 151
My Top 10 Cards from Whispers of the Old Gods 121
Enter the Shadows: Diablo 3 Patch 2.4 115
Tentacles for Arms, Throwing Everyone for a Loop 108
The Most Annoying Minions in Hearthstone 99
Miraculous Revival -What’s Next for Miracle Rogue? 96

As alluded above, most of my views came from a few days. My pre-Old Gods release post of Master of Evolution stats in transforming minions was prefaced by a post I put on Hearthstone Reddit. It became a front page post, and the rest is history. My next highest posts were put on Reddit by strangers. “Hearthstone vs Magic Duels” is a post that seems to keep giving, and is useful in introducing people to both games. “Pick Your Poison” was a post I really enjoyed writing, about drafting bad arena cards. “Grinding Tools” is an admittedly lousy post that just describes what decks I played for a season. The post about ADWCTA and Merps leaving HearthArena was a bit of Hearthstone drama that will help explain that incident. The Old Gods Top 10 list was a bit generic, but very enjoyable and though-provoking to create. My sole post on Diablo III was also one of my highest-viewed posts. Other posts rounding out the top 10 include a commentary on the horrible Tentacles for Arms, a list of annoying Hearthstone minions, and theorycrafting Miracle Rogue after Dog’s usage of Tomb Pillager.

Most popular countries

world map.PNG

Country Views
United States 3648
Canada 491
United Kingdom 474
Germany 436
Australia 304
Brazil 261
France 204
Singapore 197
Netherlands 169
Sweden 147

Not surprisingly most of my viewers come from the United States. Being a popular game on the EU servers, a lot of European or “Western” countries show up as top views. Brazil and Singapore have some reach as being slightly different countries, but show the Hearthstone passion in those countries. The blog has reached computers through the world, including the Faroe Islands, Seychelles, Curacao, and even a country called “European Union!”

Top referrers

Referrer Times
Reddit 2614
Google 2411
WordPress 199
Twitter 147
Bing 123
Google Images 98
Yahoo 50
DuckDuckGo 41

Not surprisingly, Reddit was the top source of referrals to my page, given the front page advert. A slew of search engines and social media outlets WordPress and Twitter chipped in. I even got a view from someone in a cave using Dogpile.

The future

I will keep up the blog so as long as I am obsessed with and keep playing Hearthstone. It has allowed me a great outlet to vent all my Hearthstone-related thoughts. Thanks everyone for reading!


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