Today, Blizz released a biggish-sized patch for Hearthstone (RIP slow internets), which included the removal of “certain cards” from the arena. While this phrasing may be confusing for new players, they are the 45 cards mentioned before, to promote some class balance in the arena. While I am happy to see potentially more diversity, I am a Rogue player through and through. And Undercity Valiant is a victim.

The top 2 Rogue common minions in Goblin Auto-Barber and Undercity Valiant were part of the culling. While I have a chance to send off GAB tonight, I had a chance to play Undercity Valiant for one last time, a few days ago in a 7-win run.

RIP Undercity Valiant. You were one of the best.

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