I played a Druid deck over the course of 2 days, and got my first 12-win run with the class, and my 10th Lightforge overall. Fittingly, I’ve been using The Lightforge Tierlist for drafting lately (thanks ADWCTA/Merps), given some recent struggles.

Arena Druid 9.19.16

Deck type

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-20-16 22.33.29.png

This deck is weird in that it had no 5-mana cards at all. There is a heavy presence of 2-4 drops, and good amount of late game. See the Addled Grizzly? That was actually Pick #1, and I picked it over Knife Juggler. Seems crazy, but Addled Grizzly is a card I am well-fond of and know how to use.

Two drop consistency

Crazed Alchemist isn’t a true 2-drop, more of a gadget tool. Besides the Alch, there are 8 true 2-drops, which is more than enough to cover my poor mulligan choices. And the 2-drops I drafted are pretty good themselves. Anodized Robo Cub with it’s taunt and choose one ability is as good as it gets in the 2-hole.

Middle game

The 3-4 drops in this deck did a lot of work. 2 Chillwind Yetis, Ogre Brute, and Eydis Darkbane provided the meat for efficient board trading. Addled Grizzly and Flesheating Ghoul served as win-more tools. 2 Cult Masters helped me draw my way to victory in some games. When I had Innervate, I opted to play a 3-drop or 4-drop early.

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-19-16 21.46.08.png
1-mana 3/4! The Mana Screw is real.

Big drops

Kodorider is a bit of a trump card to force concedes, though it was played on Turn 8 once for trading. 2 North Sea Krakens provided huge value as a Turn 9 play. Ironbark Protector was great against aggressive boards. Boulderfist Ogre was a useful fat guy. Stormwind Champ great as always. Moonglade Portal provided me some useful 6-drops, including Sylvanas in my 11-2 game, key to survival against 2 Frothing Berserkers.


North Sea Kraken and Swipe have use as board clears, but were often used to go face in this run. Besides that, Stormwind Champion and Addled Grizzly provided minion buffs for extra damage. Addled Grizzly was MVP in some games.

Hey guys, Addled Grizzly is pretty good.


Taunts galore, with 6 taunts in this game. The 4 2-drop taunts were key for protecting my early game board, while Ironbark helped in games where I was behind, or facing lethal. Moonglade Portal was surprisingly useful for the 6 heals.

Card draw

No cards provided instant draw, but the 2 Cult Masters outright won me games when I had the board. The constant cycling of board trading and card draw is one of the greatest feelings of dominance when playing arena.

Early removal

I guess Swipe counts, but I did not really use it for removal in this run.

Hard removal

Naturalize is the only hard removal. Though I am hesitant to give my opponent cards, I used Naturalize in a non-greedy fashion, in junctures to gain tempo advantage the board, or just on reads when I felt the opponent had no other good minions.

AoE/Board clears

Swipe was the only board clear, but I don’t think I used the function to much success. I Swiped face once to clear 2 1-health minions. Eydis Darkbane had a spare part trigger once to injure a minion.

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-19-16 23.23.59.png
Malfurion moonlighting as a Rogue.



The main synergy combo in this deck is Haunted Creeper + Addled Grizzly, which forces the creation of 2 2/2 Spectral Spiders. Tinkertown Technician was very good with the 2 Anodized Robo Cubs. Taunts have inherent synergy with Cult Master and Addled Grizzly.


Coming into this game, Druid was my 7th best class (or 3rd worse). My draft was helped vastly by the recent banlist, which helped weed out bad cards. Every card I drafted was at least average, and I made it work with some synergy. Though I had a Swipe, I mostly won my games through minion trading, or using my hero power. With my Rogue struggles since the banlist, it makes sense that Druid would be a good class to pick, given the similar hero power. Now I have 3 classes left to get 12-wins with, Warrior, Priest, and Mage. Frankly, I’ll be happy with 12 in any class nowadays.

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-20-16 22.33.51.png
Max bling

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