I decided to watch the rest of Hafu and Mike Donais’ Arena Co-op. See Pt 1 here: (https://tastethemana.wordpress.com/2016/09/22/juicy-bits-from-hafu-and-mike-donais-co-op/)

  • On Flamewreathed Faceless (aka “a 4 mana 7/7”)
    • Mike – “This card’s funny, because everybody complained about it a lot, and now people stopped playing it.”
    • Hafu – “They still play it.”
    • Mike – “It’s not in any of the top decks.”
  • On Moat Lurker
    • Hafu – “I love the design of this card.”
    • Mike – “When were testing, we were using all these bad cards, and I used it on my own Sylvanas, and I was using it on Rogue, so I could copy my own deathrattle and Shadowstep it.”
  • On Naming Cards
    • “I made a card called Smoldering Orc in Hunter, they wouldn’t let me keep the name.”
    • “I made all the “Fin” puns, and they’re like that’s an okay amount of puns. Okay, I’m gonna put some more in the next set then.”
  • On Fel Reaver
    • Hafu – “I’m curious what the stats are on Fel Reaver, you probably can’t tell me.”
    • Mike – “It’s very high. Way higher than I expected. There’s a couple of super high cards that are absurdly high. Dr. Boom is absurdly high. Fel Reaver is almost there.”
  • On His Title
    • “I’m Principle Game Designer, same level as Ben.”
  • On Devs Playing Arena
    • Hafu – “Does Ben Brode play arena?”
    • Mike – “He plays some. Not as much as me or some of the other guys. Iksar (Dean Ayala) plays a lot of arena.
  • On Museum Curator
    • Hafu – “You know what will make it better? If it was a 2/1.”
    • Mike – “Yeah.”
  • On Jeweled Scarab
    • “Jeweled Scarab is actually better in Shaman than any other class because they have tons of great 3’s.”
  • On Arena Mages
    • Hafu – “What’s the percentage of Mages at 7+?”
    • Mike – “I don’t know that stat.”
    • Hafu – “You should look at that one, I think that’s the biggest problem. There should be 33% Mage, anyone who will draft it will pick it.”
    • Mike – “That’s not true, Rogue is just as good, if not better, depending on how good you are.”
  • On Flamewaker
    • “Yeah this thing’s good, this thing’s better than everything in our deck, goddamit.”
  • On Medivh’s Valet after 3-dmg trigger
    • Hafu – “What the hell is this…”
    • Mike – “This guy. See, Mages can get 7 wins by playing like this.”
  • On Firelands Portal
    • “That’s a good card.”
  • On Arcane
    • “Arcane magic is not the same as mechanical creations, that’s why Arcane Golem is not a mech.”
  • On Dev Perks
    • Hafu – “You get all the cards for free right?”
    • Mike – “No, we don’t. We get nothing on live. I mean we get Blizz Bucks, and we could use them on whatever.”
  • On Miscellaneous Picks
    • [Zombie Chow / King’s Elekk / Unleash the Hounds] – [Mike hovers over Zombie Chow quite a bit.]
    • [Explorer’s Hat] – “Hat’s good.”
    • [Faceless Shambler / Naga Sea Witch / Frost Giant] – “I know the stats of a lot of cards. I don’t go this low on the list.”

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