Less than 2 weeks from BlizzCon, Hearthstone news has been pushed out at a ballistic rate in the past week. There is simply an overload (RIP Yogg) of information, too much to cover. Because I haven’t solely discussed Arena in a while, I have decided to do that now. I will discuss what we learned about the Arena through a series of handy infographics, and what changes were made to the Arena this week.

Arena Infographics

Top players

The full post and infographics can be found at (http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20324474/inside-the-arena-10-18-2016), but basically, Blizz posted the first inforgraphics about the Arena ever. There are separate graphics for the 4 different regions. Most of the attention came to the best players in each region, as it is a first gauge of who the best Arena player is. From January 1, 2016 to present, the best players are Alumn, Hafu, and Kripp. While those results are not surprising, I really wanna know who this top NA Arena player Alumn is.

top arena.png
The best NA Arena players

Top cards picked

This really piqued my interest, as I am arguably a better Arena drafter than Hearthstone player. With all the drafting resources available to the player, I wanted to see what lead the way. Let’s start with the commons, as they are the backbone to every Arena draft.


Piloted Shredder is fitting to be the most drafted common. However the Jeweled Scarab and Tomb Spider being #2 and #3 are quite baffling in my mind. Both cards are under-stated cards that allow the player to discover a Beast. They really only give the best options for Druids and Hunters, middling classes at best. The anti-tempo of putting out a 2-drop or 4-drop like this is the immediate downside, one that I believe is too big. These are cards that get traded into by lesser-costed cards, and don’t fight well for the board. It’s possible these cards were picked a ton because of drafts that didn’t have card draw. The reality is that since the infographic measured from January 1, 2016 to present, the card offering bonus from LoE was present, which nixes great commons in Old Gods, like Bog Creeper. But that still doesn’t explain picking these cards over North Sea Kraken or even something like Stormwind Champion.


The value rare taunts effectively trade a lot of little guys, so they are great for that regard. Azure Drake is a card I love in Constructed, but less so in the Arena. While not a bad card at all, I see much better rares to be picked, namely Bomb Lobber and Stampeding Kodo. Does nobody care about contesting the board?


Epic card selections are a wasteland in the Arena. Piloted Sky Golem and Kodorider are rightfully in the top 3. Grand Crusader I would argue is more average than good, but it is a value card overall. Sea Giant is pretty easy to pull off great value in the Arena. While Fel Reaver provides insanely high win rates for those who pick it, I can see the downside being too much for a player to draft with confidence.


Arena legendaries don’t mean much at all, but I just find it hilarious that Herald Volazj being the least picked card is indicative that nobody plays Priest in the Arena.

And we end this segment with people who need their heads checked and are willing to throw away 150 gold.


Karazhan Bonus Out

As of Thursday’s patch, the Karazhan increased offering bonus in the draft is no more. I believe this is the first time an Arena offering bonus ending was explicitly stated, which means yay Arena exposure. I also believe that the Arena bonus lasting about 1-2 months is the shortest it has gone. We are now in the most variegated Arena meta ever, with equal offering rates across the sets. It’s possible that Mage has pulled too far ahead of the other classes, and Blizz had to finally intervene.With the Karazhan offering bonus no more, let’s look at the top 5 Karazhan cards (IMO).

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-11-16 21.59.14.png
Closing the Dark Portal is a big plot line in Warcraft. They should’ve closed this portal.
  1. Fool’s Bane – Anyone who got to play with this card knew how bonkers it was. While the Warrior took tons of damage, the ability to get off an AoE clear was too good a tempo swing. I was lucky enough to have the combo with Violet Illusionist a couple times, pretty much the greatest feeling.
  2. Firelands Portal – It was recognized as OP from the start, and remained so through the Karazhan Arena meta. I had 11-win Mage runs with 4 Firelands and 3 Firelands drafts.
  3. Swashburglar – The entire burgle mechanic is not great because there is always a chance to whiff on a pick. The thing is that the best Arena classes aren’t classes you whiff on. Warlock, Warrior, and Hunter are classes that give a chance for getting a useless card. Mages and Paladin will provide useful cards. Further, Swashburglar had that RNG that the opponent couldn’t play around or predict.
  4. Medivh’s Valet – While seemingly like a regular 2 drop with great upside, people started picking Secrets a lot. The Epic card pool is never great, allowing a Spellbender or Ice Block, while Rares and Commons gave Mages more Secrets. This card becomes mediocre to amazing in a draft with 2 Secrets.
  5. Pompous Thespian – While far from sexy, this card did a lot of work in the Karazhan Arena meta. The 2-mana for a 3/2 taunt made it essentially a neutral card with class card stats. Just having that extra point made it better than a lot of other commons. Now we’ll see it less, and be forced to draft more River Crocs and Raptors.

Card Changes

Finally, I will talk about the Arena implications of changed cards.

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-03-15 17.24.37.png

  • Murlocs – Basically, Murloc cards no longer buff enemy Murlocs. The most common Murlocs you’ll see are Puddlestomper, Bilefin Hunter, Bluegill Warrior, Corrupted Seer, and Murloc Knight. Murloc Knight is the main factor, as it has the ability to produce Warleaders, while being a great pick itself. Murloc Warleader, Coldlight Seer, and Grimscale Oracle are the cards that this affects directly. Murloc Warleader, being a 3-mana 3/3, could be the best of 3 horrid epics, and this will be marginally better against the opponent. Coldlight Seer should remain not being picked in the Arena, being a 3-mana 2/3. Grimscale Oracle is a 1-mana 1/1, and shouldn’t be picked over any 1-mana 2/1’s.
  • Ethereal Peddler – A Rogue v Rogue mirror in the Arena is quite common, but having Ethereal Peddler + bugled cards makes it a rarer scenario. The Ethereal Peddler is still a fine minion to have in any arena draft, even when you aren’t discounting Rogue cards. I think this was just done to not confuse new players.
  • Yogg-Saron – I don’t think I have seen Yogg-Saron in the Arena, so this change doesn’t do a whole lot. Adding Overload to Yogg, and the general lack of spells in the Arena will cement Yogg is one of the worst legendaries to pick for your draft.

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