Notable Characters in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Trailer

As a dedicated Hearthstone player, “blogger,” and enthusiast, the one-month wait until the new Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion is one of the most exciting times of the year. 34 cards were revealed during the last two days of BlizzCon, 31 intentionally, and 3 via grainy Disguised Toast filming. While the remaining cards will be bleeding out through the course of the month, I (along with many others) am pressed to see the remaining cards. I decided to take a frame-by-frame look at the Gadgetzan trailer (, along with other promotional images to determine what other cards will be coming out in this expansion.

Frame 0 (promo shot)


In this promo shot, you see a gnome, who travels with a white rat. This probably represents a Hearthstone player. On the left, you see the Kabal rep, most likely the Kabal Talon Priest. The Lotus rep, possibly Lotus Assassin, is standing in the doorway. The Grimy Goons  have an orc who looks like a detective and a goblin. The orc has knuckles and has card packs hidden under his vest.

Frame 1


The first shot from the trailer has all three factions represented. The Grimy Goons have a goblin, and orc (with knuckles). The Jade Lotus have their leader, Aya Blackpaw and her big Pandaren bodyguard, and the Virmen (rabbit). The Kabal have their leader Kazakus and a blood elf female.

Frame 2


This scene shows the Jade Lotus faction, and their jade smuggling activities. In the background, you see two characters, a Hozen (monkey character) and a Jinyu (goldfish) moving a jade statue. In the foreground, you see Aya Blackpaw, her bodyguard, and the Virmen, who has a sack of gold.

Frame 3


This scene shows the Kabal, and their activities involving red mana crystals. You see a Draenei female, who is collecting mana crystals. Two Imps are mixing the concoction.

Frame 3.5


Kazakus appears and lights up a round bottom flask of his potion.

Frame 4


This scene shows the dealings of the Grimy Goons, and the first appearance of boss Don Hon-Cho, who has caught the Jade Lotus Virmen. You also sees a Kobold, the Goblin with facial hair, and a Gnoll.

Frame 4.5


Other members of the gang include a Tauren wearing a bow tie, and an Orc female who is dressed like a torch singer.

Frame 5


In this action-packed scene, a Grimy Goons vehicle has the Goblin with facial hair, a Kobold, an Orc, and a Tauren with guns blazing.

Frame 5.5


The Jade Lotus are on the receiving end of the pursuit. You see the Virmen, Hozen, and what looks like a Mantid. They seem to have lost their bag of gold.

Frame 6


We see a Blood Elf warlock and Imp, with a shipment of red crystals.

Frame 6.5


The Jade Lotus ambush includes the Mantid, Hozen, Virmen, and the Pandaren bodyguard.

Frame 7


Here the Kabal members are intimidating Grimy Good members, the big Orc, and the facial haired Goblin. Members of the Kabal in this scene include the Arrakoa, female Draenei, and a Demon that looks like a Satyr.

Frame 8


The final fight scene includes a host of characters. For the Kabal, you see the pair of Imps, the Blood Elf female, the Arrakoa, and Kazakus, who now looks like a horse. For the Jade Lotus, you see Aya Blackpaw, her bodyguard, and the Virmen. The Grimy Goons in the back have a Gnoll, the facial-haired Goblin, and Don Hon-Cho.

Frame 8.5


All of the characters from Frame 8 remain in the fight scene. Now there is a black Tauren, a Murloc ninja, the “detective” Orc, and another mysterious character with a bat on the left.

What we can glean

  • Kazakus is a confirmed as the Kabal Legendary. From simple deduction, we can assume Don Hon-Cho and Aya Blackpaw are the other faction legendaries.
  • The Jade Lotus Virmen apears in practically every scene. Given there could only be 3 tri-class cards, this could be the third Jade Lotus card. It could also be a Rogue, Druid, or Shaman card, though it wouldn’t really fit in a class seemingly.
  • The Hozen monkey-like minion appears a whole lot himself.
  • The Grimy Goon Goblin appears a whole lot himself. The Grimy Goons already have a card called Grimestreet Informant. He could appear as the third.
  • The Orc detective could also be the third Grimy Goon, but has a better chance of being a Warrior class minion.
  • It’s hard to tell what the third Kabal card could be. Warlocks seem to have a bunch of possible minions with the Blood Elf female, pair of Imps, Draenei.

Overall, the cast of characters in this trailer is extremely diverse for Warcraft racial groups. You see a lot of Horde characters, along with random animal characters. As with any promo trailer, a bunch of these characters could wind up not being cards in the expansion. But I expect the more commonly-appearing cards to be guaranteed characters.


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