While I woke up this morning cold, sneezing, and covered with tissues and snot (allergies are the worst), I remembered to check my phone to not miss an important milestone for this blog. And I happened to catch it at the right time:

2016-11-10 13.23.53.png

10,000 views is not a big deal for any mainstream site, as they probably get that many views in a matter of hours. But this is something that I am proud of, given I get my views through my own self-promotion and getting SEO hits on search engines. The other hilarious thing about my blog is that I got 16% of my views on one day. As much of a wasteland Hearthstone Reddit is usually, I owe them that one. Thanks for reading about Master of Evolution, a card that Shamans don’t play because they have better options.

Anyways, I want to thank everyone who reads my blog or has come for a look. While most of my views come from the Western world, people from all over the world (I mean all over) have come by, all united by the interest in Hearthstone. Thanks to everyone on Twitter, who I talk Hearthstone with. Thanks to all my fellow game bloggers on WordPress.

I don’t have a lot exciting going on in my life, but this blog is something I enjoy doing. Talking and thinking about Hearthstone gets my juices flowing, and I try to share my thoughts here. While I am also posting on the Creators blog (https://creators.co/@GreenRanger), where there are editors working on my posts, this will still be my go-to site for posting anything. Moving forward, I expect to delve into Mean Streets of Gadgetzan completely, and I also might write about other games now and then. I recently realized that I have a lot to talk about Diablo I.

Anyways, thanks for getting me to 10,000 views. I look forward to keep talking Hearthstone with everyone.


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