Yu-Gi-Oh!, being a fairly big money name with anime, movies, manga, video games, and card game, has numerous memorable characters. These characters are put through very dark and unforgiving storylines, which allow for much introspection into characters, and opportunity for character development. Duel Links, the new mobile phone game, has been rolling out these characters for use in the game, with Maximillion Pegasus coming out recently (lol), and characters like Mokuba, Bakura, and Marik coming down the line. While these legendary duelists are the characters you get to use, and provide opportunities to win good prizes, you can’t face them all of the time. You need to spend colored keys in order to face the brand name characters typically. So, a lot of the dirty work playing Duel Links involves fighting NPCs. The NPCs in Duel Links fill many roles:

  1. Quest Completion – You need to do a certain number of things each stage to advance to the next. Since the NPCs show up freqeuntly and respawn, their typical loss will allow you to check off requirements for questing.
  2. Experience Gain – Your characters level up, and you get good rewards for this. Grinding through NPCs will get you most of your experience.
  3. Resource Gain – Depending on what score you get in your duel assessment, you’ll get chests of rewards. The NPCs will always give at least 2 chests for a win, and you can prolong a game, to get more.
  4. Practice – Of course, they are the easiest competition around, so good for practice.

Now that you see that the NPCs are quite important in Duel Links, here’s the kicker: nothing is known about them! They have no backstory, and are just in the game. No guides online have any articles on them either. So, I am here to provide images and possibly provide some backstory for each NPC in this game. Cannon fodder have feelings too!

The NPCs can broadly be broken down into 3 groups, by possible age:

  • Children
  • High schoolers
  • Young adults


No better way to remind the player they are playing a children’s card game than with actual children. These kids are likely less than 10 years of age.

  • Emma – A child with a limited vocabulary, speaking with very simple words. She is not very competitive, and appears to take the game casually. Likely has not endured the rigors of life.


  • Bella – She is a more mature girl than Emma, in that she often thanks you for dueling with her. Actually, might be the NPC who thanks you the most. Owing to being a little child, she has a limited vocabulary and speaks slowly.


  • Mickey – This kid is just a stereotypical boy NPC. A little cocky and talkative, but with not much substance to back up his words.


  • Nick – The most interesting of all the little kid NPCs. Nick talks about homework and Duel School a lot, which means he likely spends some time training. He speaks better than the other children, so he might be older. He also never smiles, which gives him a sense of cool confidence.


High schoolers (teens)

The teens are easily distinguished because they wear school uniforms that the better-known characters wear. The male characters wear a blue jacket and pants, like Yugi and Joey. The female characters wear a pink jacks and blue skirt, like Tea. Because of this, one can assume these NPCs go to Domino High School, and may possibly have outside interaction with the main cast.

  • Christine – One of the most competitive NPCs around, she seeks to be Duel World Queen. Her arrogance comes out bad often, and she just seems very pushy. Also has an annoying catchphrase, “Hecks to the yeah.”


  • Jess – She is easily distinguished with the dark grey hair. Is apparently a big admirer of all the legendary duelists, as she often says “You are the one I look most forward to facing.” Comes off as timid and lacking confidence during the matches.


  • Hailey – Her tone of voice is more confident than that of Jess, but she talks about having fun more than her. Overall, is fairly similar to Jess, as being a lot less uptight than Christine.


  • Andrew – The male high school counterpart to Christine. He is apparently a tactician of some sorts, referencing probabilities and numbers he ran. Is overtly cocky and wonders why he isn’t a legendary duelist. Arguably the most bitter and angry NPC. Always has a chip on his shoulder.


  • Josh – The overconfident but ultimately harmless NPC. Has a strong front, but loses confidence quickly while losing a duel.


  • Daniel – A chill dude of a few words. He just says “Fine, let’s duel.” He might not wanted to have gone to Duel World with all his classmates, or he didn’t really care he had to go. Maybe he was the 6th best duelist in the school, and he was selected. He didn’t really care about the honor.


Young adults

I have no idea what age these duelists are, but they look older than the high school students, and don’t wear school uniforms. These people could be of college age or young professionals. Likely in their 20s. These characters have the least personality, and were likely created in the last minute as filler.

  • Meg – She has a weird catchphrase of “let’s get the lead out.” I had to look up what this meant, and it is something you just don’t hear people say in public nowadays. Anyways she is nice, but not much personality.


  • Ashley – She talks about having fun a lot, like the little children. She puts more emphasis on deck building being the fun aspect of the game, so she likes that. She also wears the same outfit as Meg, but a different color.


  • David – This guy looks chill and just has some generic lines about dueling. Really no personality at all.


  • Jay – This guy is very similar to David, but mentions being in the fantasy world, so he might be onto something. Wears the same outfit as David, but different colors. Lacks personality like the other young adults.


  • The Vagabond – Nobody knows much about this guy, but I assume he is an adult. He has the special challenge matches, which are the hardest duels to do at any given time and stage. His style could be an homage to Red in the Pokemon series, or other nondescript player characters. He pretty much says nothing, until the end of the game, or if he wants to challenge your friends.


Overall, the NPCs just get by, and shuffle along Duel World, waiting to get beat by you. Eventually they get their comeuppance, when they become difficult competition and not free auto-duel wins, when you hit stage 40.

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One thought on “Getting to Know the Duel Links NPCs

  1. The Vegabond is based on the player character of the Tag Force series by Konami. He is a high school student that attends Duel Academy, the top duel school owned by Seto Kiaba during the events of Yugioh GX. He is likely a freshman or sophmore as you often are a new student in those games but the series does continue as well.


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