There’s no denying that Hearthstone is in a rut right now, so any rumblings, however small they are, get magnified. The 2017 HCT Europe Winter Playoffs have been going on the last few days, and there has been talk of cheating in the tournament and poor production. The most fresh drama has come from the Twitterverse just hours ago, where William “Amnesiac” Barton has started a ruckus, given that Pavel Beltukov, the reigning BlizzCon champ, got a spot on the 2017 HCT Winter Championship. Let’s look at a bunch of tweets, and I will explain why I think this whole thing is staged.


Yesterday, Amnesiac fired some shots at Pavel, hoping he makes it and seeking to face him in a children’s card game.


Today, Pavel makes it to the Bahamas. Chaos ensues:


Here, you see a long chain of tweets of Amnesiac explaining what he has against Pavel. Barton namely criticizes Pavel’s gameplay decisions in matches, his lucky situations, and willingness to bring more experimental decks to tournaments. He even sends a shot against seemingly vanilla nice guys, like Thijs.

Of course someone who is a Hearthstone celebrity spouting off like that would garner some attention and equally strong reactions online:


Kibler is putting in a reply which would express what most people are thinking. Amnesiac looks horrible tweeting out stuff like that. He is being unprofessional.

Frodan puts in an inkling of possibly what this drama is all about. He is a guy who has a pretty good ability to see past the myopic, so not surprising he felt this way.


RDU, who was the runner up, the guy who lost of Pavel’s Babbling Book, comes in defense of Pavel as well.

Amnesiac’s Competitive Spirit

As evidenced by this drama blowing up, a lot of people are taking sides now. Some people agree with Amnesiac, as competitive players. More people are offended by his attacks. Let’s all agree that Amnesiac is an extremely competitive individual. This guy is still in high school, played a lot of competitive Hearthstone, and plays on his school’s basketball team. As a person who has played high school sports, I know that there is very little time to do anything else. Amnesiac is a busy dude, and is extremely competitive. This is a fact.

The Grand Scheme

While there is likely real emotion fueling this Twitter fire, I honestly think there are ulterior motives in Amnesiac’s ranting, and it is the need to build a narrative in Hearthstone. Good storytelling needs strong characters and villains. A good example of this is professional wrestling. The most famous wrestlers are guys who had really good characters, which got fans involved. Scott Levy, the wrestler known as Raven, once said that wrestling is all about emotional attachment, and that the actual athletics themselves are the least important factor. This hold true for actual sports as well. I think there is a reason why American football remains the most popular sport, and why the NFL is the moneymaker it is: football players are characters and have narratives. While you get casual weekly villains in the form of a strong safety who wants to knock a WR into the next dimension, you get long-lasting narratives with QBs often. The story of Tom Brady’s “revenge” from Deflategate played big this past season. Tony Romo and Dak Prescott had a never-ending teacher vs mentor storyline this season. The list just goes on in football. The same goes on in basketball, where Lebron James had a tv special about signing with the Miami Heat. The Chicago Bulls had Jordan, Rodman, and Pippen all on the same team for a run, all guys with distinct characters.

Building a Character

Amnesiac didn’t have to create his first character, just by being 15 or 16, he had the “phenom” brand down pat. Now, I believe he is building the competitive villain angle. Check out these tweets:

Here, Amnesiac is a bit upset about being 2nd in the month of January 2017, angry at the point awarding system, and throwing a little shade.


Here, he is upset at the Ben Brode post about the state of the game, and Shamans. I actually do agree with this tweet, in that it tried to present the data in that there are fewer Shamans than there actually are. But anyways, he is attacking the presentation of data by Team 5 devs.


Here, Amnesiac is yelling about sports, following the Super Bowl. He alludes to himself being a “jaded individual.”


And finally this tweet. I think this is definitive evidence of Amnesiac’s motives.


Sure, Amnesiac is talking about the Patriots playing the Super Bowl, and their miraculous comeback. But I do find it weird for a guy to retweet himself.

There you have it. I think Amnesiac is trying to become a villain to build his brand by being a whiny guy online. While this trash-talking comes off as bad, I think it is a valiant effort in jump starting a game with a floundering eSports scene.


4 thoughts on “Amnesiac’s Heel Turn and What It Means for Hearthstone

  1. Very nice post. I had seen this drama reference on Reddit and had not been following so this was a great summary. I also agree that the eSports scene for Hearthstone is hurting, and some storylines would be great for hype. It was always that way in Starcraft II as well (Naniwa, Foreigner v Korean, Idra etc).

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    1. Dare I say it, but I think this scheme worked. This post already became my most-viewed post outside of ones I advertised on Reddit and elsewhere, mostly through curious people Google searching “Amnesiac drama” or something.

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  2. I’ve been following Amnesiac for a long time and I agree with this post, but I don’t think it’s a negative thing. I like that he is blunt in his criticisms because I know how competitive and brilliant he is at the game. Watching him stream and listening to his thoughts and reasonings are just incredible.


    1. I definitely think the bottom line is great for storytelling purposes, and it definitely “woke up” a lot of people at a time when confidence in HS was definitely low. The negative reaction definitely was a clash of not only cultural norms for European players, but also whatever norms are present in eSports.

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