Occasionally Huffer?

Hearthstone is over 2 years old, and players have been duking it out Wizard Poker style well before that in the beta stages. It’s safe to say that some cards are more well-known than others, owing to either effectiveness in the meta, being nerfed, or just being well-known for some inexorable reason. Take Annoy-o-Tron for example.

Annoy-o-Tron had utility when Mech Mages roamed the earth, but they weren’t typically a staple card. It’s still pretty good in the Arena, at all phases of a game. But Annoy-o-Tron became a factotum of Hearthstone because of it’s effective absurdity. The card fit as being good, but wacky and a butt monkey of GvG. These qualities allowed Annoy-o-Tron to have it’s own Tavern Brawl and have it featured in Hearthstone commercials.

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-30-15 13.22.25.png
OP pls nerf.

As such, another really well-known card amongst the Hearthstone community is Animal Companion. And of course, Huffer. Just plug in “always Huffer” into Google, and you’ll find 276,000 results.


“Always Huffer” refers to Animal Companion always getting Huffer. Typically, this applies to your opponent playing Animal Companion, and having a 4-attack charge for insta-reach, and allowing cards like Kill Command to hit face. In a recent and spectacular Hearthstone cartoon, “always Huffer” was cleverly invoked with the Random Animal Generator (R.A.G.).


Animal companions

If you bootstrap it enough times, each Animal Companion should come out 33% of the time. And really, all of the Animal Companions are great value plays for 3 mana. Huffer is a +1/+1 over Wolfrider. Misha is a +1/+1 over Ironfur Grizzly. Leokk is a 0/+2 over Raid Leader. All have their respective uses and are appreciated.

Small sample results

Last night, I had my first successful Arena in a few days, taking a Hunter to 8 wins. And the deck had 3 Animal Companions. Through the run, I realized it wasn’t always Huffer. In fact, it was infrequently Huffer! I went back and looked at my Animal Companion summons over the 11-game Arena run.

  • Total Animal Companions played: 13
  • Huffer: 3/13
  • Leokk: 3/13
  • Misha: 7/13


In my Arena, I got Misha over half the time. And I can’t argue with the results, given we are in the “taunt meta” in the Arena, where taunts are just really good. Anyways, I’ve come to some conclusions about “always Huffer.”

  • It is a byproduct of “salt.” Huffer doesn’t come out 90% of the time, probably.
  • Hate for Aggro Hunter has always been a thing, and Huffer represents all that is bad with that playstyle.
  • Misha and Leokk deserve some love too!
Hearthstone Screenshot 05-07-16 23.40.59.png
Where the F is Huffer?



When pigs fly

This screencap captures the moment when a Huffer traded with an equal 3-cost minion on the board. I don’t know the exact probability this has happened in the history of Hearthstone.

Spider pig, spider pig...
Spider pig, spider pig…