Stream of Consciousness: Hearthstone HCT Disconnects

Stream of Consciousness: Hearthstone HCT Disconnects

I’ve always been a skeptic regarding the sustainability and success of esports. It sounded really cool for a while, and I often joked that I should “drop everything and play games for a living.” Reality sank in, and continues to when you see esports teams disbanding all the time, or dropping their teams. Esports teams remind me of old automakers. Did you know there used to be hundreds of automakers? Now you can mostly name them in minutes. They don’t make Mercury and Oldsmobiles anymore!

A couple days ago, I went to an ASUS Republic of Gamers event to try to win free stuff. Notable esports host Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico was there, playing Overwatch and announcing the raffle. It was cool, I got to play Overwatch on a really fancy gaming rig. I got to sit on a gaming chair. I won a pillow. But in the middle of a busy electronics store, not a lot of people stopped by. Even the raffle itself was like 10 people vying for the grand prize. Which makes my not winning it feel worse… But even the ASUS employee asked if I was going to the ESL at Barclays Center, and my response was, “what game are they playing?” Is esports here in New York? Not sure.

In the realm of Hearthstone esports, my views have always been colored by RNG, not other problems. Once Yogg-Saron decided a game, all bets were off. The “anything can happen” aspect of Hearthstone isn’t the best vehicle for something important. It could be fun and spectacular, but fairly back-breaking to those who ultimately work for nothing.

The focus of this weekend, the 2017 Americas Summer Playoffs were mainly disconnects. This one is a doozie.

Here is something from Twitter:


Here is something from Reddit:


Blizzard at least acknowledged the problems:


If the internet gets everyone riled up enough, this seems like a big disaster. There could be some fixes down the line, but what if it isn’t enough.

Some practical ideas on how to fix it:

  • In-game tournament mode.

I’m just being a troll by mentioning this, and I don’t know if it will come. I don’t know if the game is built for it. I don’t know if it is worth the money to develop. I’m just going to assume this isn’t coming, and look for other solutions.

  • Scrap the current Innkeeper system and hold them at bigger venues.

The Innkeeper makes the tournament experience seem grassroots and is definitely very flavorful. It helps build human relationships in a digital game. But in the end, is it worth it? The problems associated with this weekend in Hearthstone esports could likely have been avoided. I mentioned the Barclays Center earlier, where they are playing CS:GO at ESL. They have concerts there. It will definitely have the capacity for an esports tournament. Internet problems seem to be an issue of 1) not having strong enough wireless fidelity and capacity (sorry I don’t know the tech words), 2) not having enough manpower to build/strategize/create better, 3) not having enough money to build something better.

Remember when Buffalo Wild Wings was a bit of a meme? That actually turned out quite decently, and people at those venues didn’t have disconnection issues. I don’t think it was luck that Buffalo Wild Wings had good enough internet. They have standards for quality, and can afford it.

  • Force everyone to play on a wired connection.

Earlier in the year when I had a job, I had college student interns. Once when trying to connect a printer, I asked her where the ethernet port was on the printer. She didn’t know what it was, responding, “I’ve had WiFi all my life.” I was shocked and the moment will likely remain with me forever.

I don’t trust WiFi. I’m not sure if it is because I literally can’t see it or what, but I just don’t believe in it. Not only are your speeds slower, but interference can come from anywhere. Background applications and programs can hog bandwidth. A train could be passing outside and cause a disturbance. I just had to install a WiFi extender, since my room can’t get connect right.

A trusty ethernet cord will eliminate most disconnect problems. Sure, you could have issues with the router/modem. Sure, you could mess up with ethernet in other ways. But having a tenable connection is better than something floating in the air.

The dark truth (NA Internet)

It’s also possible that the problems can never be resolved. Not unlike our healthcare system, the internet in America sucks. Anyone who has paid for internet here knows they aren’t getting a good deal. You have to pay an arm and a leg for internet (and no, I don’t want phone in this day and age), and have to pay a lot after the contract year. Disconnections happen, and they may not resolve for a while. Internet companies are greedy and can do whatever they want. They aren’t regulated too much by the FCC, and the consumer has very little say at all.

Innkeepers may never have the capability to have decent internet, given the poor built environment for it. No matter what upgrades you can make, it will always be shaky footing. While a big venue like the Barclays Center can shoulder the load, costs are costs. I don’t think it is in the cards to borrow a big venue for these Hearthstone esports events.



Dream Deferred

About 2 hours ago, I drafted an arena deck on Hearthstone. I had already chosen Valeera the day before and I got to drafting. I drafted a deck that was as consistent as a constructed deck as possible. I mean seriously, look at this.

I'm still on my high horse! I skipped 2 Backstabs.
I’m still on my high horse! I skipped 2 Backstabs.

Yeah, no Blade Flurry or SI:7 Agents, but there is plenty of removal, combo minions and overall, high quality cards. Even a Violet Teacher. What could go wrong?

Well, I started 0-2 off the bat. Not expecting much, I played on, sipping my poison of Hope French Organic Vodka ($11.99 USD) and lemon juice. I somehow kept going…

Heart of the Cards won't save you here...
Heart of the Cards won’t save you here…
No, I don't come here often.
No, I don’t come here often.

11 straight wins. I’ve gotten 12 wins 3 times before, so it is relatively uncommon territory for me to be in. I got ready and faced a Shaman as my final boss. It was an even match that could have gone either way. I was short minions, but had some spells in hand. I played Mad Bomber, Defender of Argus, and then…

Where did the green outlines go?! Please come back green outlines around minions!!!
Where did the green outlines go?! Please come back green outlines around minions!!!

Aw piss. Ironic that the two cards in my hand at the time of disconnect were Betrayal and Backstab. I got betrayed and backstabbed by my internet connection!

My Bnet client was disconnected, and I tried to reconnect in vain…

This is worse than some asshat guy who emotes
This is worse than some asshat guy who emotes “Thanks” emotes every turn!


I card I always wanted for fun purposes I guess.
A card I always wanted for fun purposes. I guess.

Blizzard may have detected that I lost my potential 12 win game on disconnect and given me a pity legendary. I will never know. The worst part is that I didn’t even know if I was going to win that game. It was too early, and nobody had a clear advantage at that point. What a travesty.