Clues from The Innkeeper

It’s not easy being the factotum of Hearthstone. But somehow The Innkeeper is able to maintain a steady joyful presence. The Innkeeper started as your first guide, walking through about how to play the game. Eventually, he settled down to become the main voiceover guy in the game.

We know that The Innkeeper is a dwarf in the Hearthstone world. What else can we discern? Here is an analysis of The Innkeeper’s game bootup quotes!

The Innkeeper is also swole and has a mouse friend.
The Innkeeper is also swole and has a mouse friend.

  • Welcome to my inn!
    • Well, you have own the damn inn to be the Innkeeper.
  • Busy night… but there’s always room for another!
    • Possibly the Innkeeper’s most known quote. “Room for another” become a bit of a catchphrase for the game, representing the free-to-play and easy-to-learn nature of the game.
  • Boys – look who it is!
    • Most of the people in the inn are men. Also could be reflective how the audience (person playing Hearthstone) is more likely male than female.
  • Pull up a chair by the hearth!
    • At the inn, people play cards next to a fireplace. I wonder if some sore loser ever flipped a table and the cards went into the flames.
  • Welcome back!
    • This suggests that you are a known quantity as a Hearthstone player. You must be a big deal around those parts.
  • Ohohoho – it’s good to see you again!
    • Based on the tone, the Innkeeper loves having you around.
  • Ha, find a seat if you can!
    • Millions of people around the world play Hearthstone. It gonna get crowded in that inn.
  • Come in, and shut the door, it’s cold out there!
    • Gas is expensive. It’s cold as balls outside and the Innkeeper wants to conserve heat.
  • Welcome! Boys, make some room by the hearth, won’t you?
    • The fellas are so enthralled watching Hearthstone they have a hard time making room for the new guy. Also everyone playing Hearthstone is male.
  • Warm your frozen boots by the fire!
    • People have to slog through feet of snow and ice to play Hearthstone.
  • Have you seen the weather out there? Ohh! At least it’s warm in here.
    • It’s eternal winter where the inn is. Damn. Confirmed that the Innkeeper pays top dollar to keep his patrons warm.

New quotes

  • Come in, come in! Tell me all about your travels!
    • You and the Innkeeper are besties by now, and he wants some gossip!
  • There ya are! Back from your adventures?
    • You’ve been busy with some stuff in your life and haven’t played Hearthstone for some time.
  • Ohhhh! I can tell you have some new stories tonight!
    • You’re ready to tell him how you finally faced a fun deck on Casual mode.
  • The inn is brimming with explorers tonight!
    • Everyone is having a blast playing League of Explorers.
  • What treasure are you seeking today?
    • For most, it is getting Legend. For me, it’s getting my next Lightforge Key (12 wins in arena).
  • Ready for an adventure?!
    • Part of the Innkeeper’s contract with Blizzard is to remain the hypeman for new sets.
  • Oh, you’re back! Lemme get you a drink.
    • I do need a drink to get through Ranked play.