August 2016 Season EU Plays with Screenshots

August 2016 featured the staggered release of One Night in Karazhan. The stale meta finally flipped over and we are in the era of new deck creation till the next expansion in a few months.



My arena play was fairly mediocre, running at 62% and 4.5 wins per average. I did get a 12-1 run for the first time, though were are too many 1-3 win runs for my liking.


The lackluster arenas forced me to play more Ranked than average. I actually began things playing Mech Rogue in Wild, before I came to my senses. Overall, I had a 53% in Ranked, getting to Rank 6. Interestingly, I played every class at least once!

Below is an assortment of screenshots I took throughout the month. Happy Hearthstoning!

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July Hearthstone Recap + Screenshots

The July 2016 season was a very run-of-the-mill season for me. I barely ran a win rate above 50% in Ranked mode, finishing with a pedestrian Rank 9. I got through the high teens with my homebrewed Miracle Rogue, got through the pre-teen Ranks with a Shaman, and ended things with Midrange Rogue and Yogg Druid.

In the Arena, I have stayed consistent with my 4.85 average, with my regular vicissitudes dragging down my good arena runs. I got my first 12-win run with Warlock, my 8th Lightforge overall. Warlock somehow climbed from my 5/6 class to my 3rd best class. I was deprived of Rogue for a good 3 weeks, and now am getting recompensated in that department. I continue to struggle with Mage and Paladin for reasons unknown.

And of course, One Night in Karazhan was just announced, and will drop August 11th. I can wait to sink my teeth in the new cards in constructed, and more importantly, play a new arena meta. Hey, some screenshots below!

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May Photostream

The May 2016 Hearthstone season saw me reach an all-time high rank, with 5 in Standard Play, netting me my first golden epic reward from the Sea Giant’s Chest. While I played my usual assortment of Rogue decks, Patron Warrior became my go-to grinder, with a few Yogg and Load Hunters here and there. My arena play was lackluster overall, with 2 Rogue runs stopped at the final boss, resulting in 2 11-2 runs. Here are a bunch of screenshots from the month.

Ye Gods! – Screenshots for the Hearthstone Player

April 2016 was a big month in the Hearthstone world. The pent-up anticipation for a new expansion, sparked by street murals of all things, resulted in the release of Whispers of the Old Gods. Nerfs to the Standard set forced players to try out new cards to replace those lessened. Further, Standard play came by, forcing players to play a whole new game. The expansion isn’t even 1 week old, and most of us are still trying to figure things out.

For me, April 2016 included a complete meltdown in my Arena play, forcing me to play Ranked for a good portion of the season. Now I am in a better place in the Arena, and enjoying the new Ranked meta as well.

March Madness

March was a fairly eventful month for Hearthstone. I myself played 30 arenas in March and had a 5.5 win clip on average, slowly shambling my way back to a 5 win average. In constructed, I made it to Rank 7, with almost all games played by my Reno Rogue deck (which is awesome btw), which was 40-20 for the month.

And along the way, there were screenshots, oh some of the best screenshots I have ever witnessed.


January Shift

January 2016 is just about over and Hearthstone is officially in its lull phase, until the next card expansion comes out in a few months. A number of things have also changes for me regarding the game.

  1. I stopped watching streams – Previously, I only watched 1 streamer(s), though due to time constraints of late, I have dropped watching streams from my everyday computer activities.
  2. More with less – I’m making my way back to a 5 win arena average (4.94). The 2-3 wins are dropping while, some 7+ runs are becoming more common. Paladin and Shaman runs have become risers, becoming my 2nd and 3rd best classes. I have also been playing slightly less Hearthstone, neglecting Ranked/Tavern Brawls more.
  3. Less thinking more doing – I’ve been more comfortable finding my own drafting style nowadays, and I have also been thinking less. While thinking is usually helpful in a game like this, I haven’t been overthinking or doubting myself. In a way, I have been a slightly better “reader” of hands, probably just through experience.
  4. New shift – I’ve started cataloging my arena runs have been cataloged with ArenaMastery, a website, that basically allows me to store my stats from my runs. From the stats provided, I realized that I have been an infinite arena player while going first (75%) and subpar going with the coin (59.6%).  With more data, I will find out if this chasm closes up some more, or this is just small sample size.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-21-16 22.59.00
Dr. 8?
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-30-16 23.32.01
I made an offering to RNGesus before this game.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-29-16 22.42.28
Hey! draft this over Bloodfen Raptor.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-27-16 23.16.11
The Silver Hand Regent went on strike that turn.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-19-16 23.31.26
“It’s time to grab a beer and kick some rear!”
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-20-16 22.40.04
“Lightning bolt!”
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-19-16 23.33.12
Smoke it and get healed.
Hearthstone Screenshot 01-19-16 23.39.08
Brothers separated by draft.

December Photostream

It’s 70 degrees on my birthday (which seems to be an almanac record high), and I had some really good pizza and I’m watching some football. Pretty good day so far.

I’m also having a relatively good time playing Hearthstone. LoE was a blast, and the cards awarded have done much to refresh the TGT meta. I’ve done okay in the arena lately and am working my way back to a 5 win average. I haven’t done much Ranked play so far, so not too much annoyance there. Here are some cool screenshots of the past week.

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-10-15 17.43.41
Timepiece of Horror is screenshot gold.
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-10-15 17.44.16
The other artifacts look pretty cool too.
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-11-15 23.47.50
The Wobbling Runts can survive a Twisting Nether for lethal. They can probably survive nuclear warfare as well.
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-12-15 00.36.32
I had a pony!
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-11-15 22.42.08
Make it rain!
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-12-15 00.31.03
This reminds me of the Seal of Orichalcos.
Hearthstone Screenshot 12-12-15 20.07.11
All of the radiation therapy Uther has been getting as given him new powers!